Are you having problems with your iPhone? Solution is now available

Apple is not spinning very fine with iOS 16, and if the first update brought many battery problems to users, with iOS 16.1 there have also been many others who have complained about the malfunction of their devices. Well, just to solve that, iOS 16.1.1 arrives, which is already available and in this post we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

We can consider this update to be a urgent version that from Cupertino they have had to develop in order to solve the errors that iOS 16.1 is causing in some devices, since the one that was planned to be the next update, iOS 16.2is still in beta 2 and its launch is not expected until December, so Apple has had to take action and launch this new version of iOS 16.1.

What news do you have?

As you can foresee, iOS 16.1.1 only arrives to be able to put a patch to those errors that a large number of users have been reporting and that have come as a result of updating their devices to iOS 16.1. The paradox is that iOS 16.1 also arrived to solve some of the problems that the first version of iOS 16 had, especially the one related to the battery, and that is that the vast majority of users have complained of a poor performance Of the same. Although this problem has been more or less solved, iOS 16.1 has dragged other different bugs that, hopefully, will be solved with iOS 16.1.1.

Of course, with iOS 16.1.1 no visual novelty arrives It does not mean that those from Cupertino are not working on it, in fact you just have to see another of the news that we have launched in The Bitten Apple during this week to check the news that Apple has introduced in beta 2 of iOS 16.2, which will be the next version that will bring both functional and visual novelties to all iPhones that are compatible.

If you don’t have problems, do I have to update?

We have previously mentioned that the problems of iOS 16.1 that iOS 16.1.1 comes to solve were only being suffered by a small part of users, so it is possible that the rest are wondering if it is really worth updating their iPhone to this new version. . Well, the answer is yes. Of course it’s worth updating your iPhone to iOS 16.1.1.

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The fact that most users have not had problems with iOS 16.1 does not prevent them from having them from now on, so updating the iPhone to this new version, iOS 16.1.1, is something that the writing team of The Bitten Apple we strongly advise. Whenever Apple releases a new version, either to fix bugs or to offer, in theory, better performance and new features, it is best to update, especially for security reasons, since in the vast majority of versions introduce improvements. Therefore, if you were doubting whether to update or not, our recommendation is that you do it, and also the sooner the better.