Are you subscribed to many Apps? Look out for Apple's new multiple subscriptions

Last Friday, Apple announced its pilot program for subscriptions in the App Store called “contingent pricing for subscriptions.” This program will allow developers to offer discounts to users with multiple subscriptions. It will also open the doors to strategic collaborations between different companies in their subscription plans.

Multiple subscriptions and discounts in the App Store

These novelties could include the possibility of subscribing to different applications in a group with a price for that application pack, also the possibility that developers can show their discounts directly in the App Store when the user searches for the application in question. Developers will be able apply subscription-based discounts from a specific developer or from two different developers. The only condition will be that both subscriptions remain active.

According to reports from the 9to5Mac page, the benefits of these discounts will not be limited to within the App Store. They can be used in advertising and marketing strategies outside the platform, expanding the possibilities of promoting applications by developers and marketing teams.

When will these changes begin to be implemented?

Developers eager to try these new features can expect more details on the topic by January 2024, as Apple plans to provide more information about the program by then. This initiative promises to reshape the landscape of app subscriptions and user engagement. Because will this really be beneficial for users? In part, for those people who enjoy new apps and subscribe to different apps from the same developer, this could be a way to save money.

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In the context of the European Union, where Apple will soon allow third-party app stores, this move makes even more sense. Having an app store will no longer be enough, Apple will have to make it attractive to both developers and users so that they continue using the native and official app store.

In any case, we remember that this European regulation has its negative side for the end user. Since the third party app stores They will be supervised by other companies such as Meta, among others. These companies will be responsible for establishing the standards of Privacy & Security of the applications that are available there. Therefore, applications downloaded from third-party app stores will not pass Apple's filter, which could pose a risk to the security and privacy of users.

In the same way, these third-party application stores could worsen the user experience, since it would be a hassle to have to download an entire application store on the iPhone when we want to install a specific application or another and so on on multiple occasions. Something not really practical for the end user. Although we will see in practice the implementation of all this, what ends up happening.