Ask Apple Is The New Feature That Has Developers Hyped

Today, Apple unveiled a new tool called “Ask Apple,” which is meant to facilitate communication between developers and Apple engineers and experts for the purpose of answering questions and providing guidance on app creation. Developers may use Ask Apple to obtain answers to questions like using beta features, WWDC updates, using Dynamic Island, switching to SwiftUI, and more. Apple employees will be available to answer developers’ queries through Slack Q&As and in-person 25-minute “office hour” meetings. 

Ask Apple Is Free For All Registered Developers

Meeting times for developers to consult with Apple enthusiasts, developers, and developers about making applications that make use of cutting-edge Apple technology. Members of the Apple Developer Program and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program may sign up for Ask Apple without cost. You may sign up for the inaugural Ask Apple sessions from October 17-21 on the Apple Developer website. 

Through a series of Slack Q&As and individual office hours, developers will have the opportunity to pose queries to members of the Apple development team.

In Q&As, developers may interact with Apple evangelists, engineers, and designers to have their questions addressed, share their knowledge, and network with peers from all over the globe.

At work, we spend our time creating and distributing innovative applications that make the most of our resources.

Help with App Review Guidelines and distribution methods, as well as code-level support, design advice, feedback on incorporating technologies and frameworks, advise on addressing difficulties, and more, are all available to developers.

The office hours will be held in several time zones and languages.