Ask these questions before buying an iPhone at Wallapop and don’t waste your money

What type of users can you find on Wallapop?

At Wallapop we can meet different types of usersranging from small local businesses that sell refurbished products to individuals who want to sell their Apple device to buy another one or for the simple fact that they no longer want to have that unit.

In these types of circumstances, there are many users who want to purchase an Apple device, but They don’t want to make a big outlay. If you are this type of user, below we are going to give you three tips so that the purchase of your Apple device is satisfactory and you do not suffer any deception or scam.

Presentation and product information on Wallapop

The iPhone, Mac and iPad in question must contain many images of the device from different angles and viewsso that, visually, you can know the state of the unit, whether it is in good condition or if it has dents or breaks as a result of misuse.

Along with this presentation, it is important to highlight the presence of a good description of the product, where we can know the reason for which the user sells the device. Among the data that must be included is the purchase invoice, a complete description of it and analyzing whether it includes a warranty, original box or cable. If you do not indicate or include this data, it is a clear indication that the client is not trustworthy.

Price and condition of the product

Once we know the information about it and its state of conservation, it is important to assess the price that the unit has. The iPhone is not a cheap product and one of the units that depreciates the least over time. Therefore, if the iPhone 15 is worth 959 euros, within a year it could cost around 700-650 euros if its condition is perfect. If it has bumps, scratches or signs of wear, the price may drop considerably.

Now, if with the indicated price range you find an iPhone with an out-of-market price both above its value and below, discard that product because you are the target of suffering a scam, either because the product is not the that appears in the description or because the device is broken and you do not want to indicate it.

What questions to ask before purchasing the device?

Once we have determined potential sellers, it is important to ask a series of questions to verify that the device is working correctly. Below we attach some questions that you have to ask:

First of all, it is essential to know the statebattery charge, since if it has deteriorated in a short period of time it is an indication of misuse of the device. In second place, photographs on the invoice and the product serial number, so you can determine if the serial number matches the invoice. Thirdly, a video about the device operationboth when browsing web pages, downloading applications and operating the camera, to see if the lenses have suffered any damage.