A few days ago we summarized in an article all the information we had about the possible and expected advances around iOS 18 and some of its native applications. It is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be one of the most important threads in the presentation of all new operating systems at WWDC24. In the last few hours we have learned about a new rumor in the form of a new function that could reach iOS 18 and the rest of the systems: audio transcription, that could come to some native applications such as Voice Memos and Notes. We tell you everything below.

iOS 18 will introduce audio transcription in some apps

Audio transcription is a function that allows you to have messages or voice notes transcribed in text form. This function is not strange to us since a few weeks ago Apple introduced a new option with iOS 17.4 in which we could view transcripts of Apple Podcast episodes, a move that caught us by surprise but is one of the most interesting functions known to date within this app.

iOS 18

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All these native apps will receive new AI features in iOS 18

Apparently, a new rumor about the transcription of audios in the Notes and Voice Memos apps to iOS 18 and the new operating systems of the Big Apple. In this way, we could have the content of an audio in text form. This does not sound unknown to us since currently in iOS 17 we can have the transcription of what a person is leaving us in the voicemail.

This new feature would go one step further and would be available in some native applications. Additionally, in the Notes app itself A summary of the voice note could be accessed using artificial intelligence tools, a good tandem that would be very useful for users.