Automatically activate Low Power mode and other awesome shortcuts

The battery in the iPhone is no longer a problem for a good handful of users, either because the larger models have a capacity and an optimization that has positioned Apple as the company to beat in this aspect, or simply because your usage is less intensive than might be expected.

Be that as it may, the Low Consumption mode is a good support for those moments in which you need to increase the autonomy of your battery more than normal for whatever reason. We show you how you can program the Low Consumption mode so that it activates automatically when a certain percentage of battery is reached.

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Automatically activates Low Consumption mode

With this setting what we want is to create a custom automation for the iPhone or iPad, in this way, se will activate the Low Consumption mode automatically without the need for us to carry out any action. For this, we are going to need the well-known application shortcuts that comes pre-installed on our device, or otherwise, in case we have removed it, we will have to access the App Store to download it.

These are the steps that we must follow if we want to create an automation that activates the Low Consumption mode without the need for us to do absolutely anything on a day-to-day basis:

  1. We go to the application shortcuts of our iPhone or iPad and click on the button Automation, located in the bottom center of the screen, in the option selection menu.
  2. Now we will choose the option Create Personal Automation, In this way we will be able to create an automation that meets our requirements, yes, we will have to do it step by step.
  3. Among all the options that it offers us, we will choose the option Battery level, among all those offered.
  4. Now we will see a slider to adjust the battery level, At this moment, choose the percentage of remaining battery in which you want the low consumption mode to be activated, I recommend, for example, 30%.
  5. Once you’ve chosen the battery percentage at which you want low power mode to automatically activate, you’re offered three different options:
    1. is 30%
    2. Over 30%
    3. less than 30%
  6. In this case I recommend that you choose the first option “It’s 30%”, This will automatically activate Low Consumption mode when the battery reaches that exact percentage.
  7. Now click on the button Following, from the upper right corner, and choose the option Add Action, that appears in the top center of the screen.
  8. In addition to offering you a series of default functions, you have a search engine at the top, take advantage of it and write “Low consumption”, and the option will appear Define Low Power Mode.
  9. We have already adjusted the automation so that it performs the functions that we want, it is time to click on Following, as you well know, it is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  10. On this screen we have below the option Request Confirmation, which is activated by default. This option must be deactivated, Otherwise, we will receive an annoying notification every time this automatism that we have adjusted so diligently is going to be executed, therefore, we are going to deactivate it, so that the automatism is executed without the need for any type of confirmation.
  11. Now we click on okay, located in the upper right corner of the screen, and we will have finished making this incredible automatism.

In this incredibly simple way you will be able to adjust Low Consumption mode automatically when your iPhone or iPad reaches a certain percentage of battery, without having to do anything.

Other awesome shortcuts

But things were not going to stop here. In Actualidad iPhone we have already talked to you on numerous occasions about some shortcuts for iOS completely amazing and that will make your life much easier, so we take advantage of this post to once again recommend some of the best.

  • Download videos from any platform: Thanks to this shortcut that you can download completely free of charge, you will be able to download videos from any platform. To do this, simply when you go to play the video, press the share button and choose this shortcut, the video will start downloading quickly.
  • Expel water from your iPhone: If your iPhone has gotten wet, for whatever reason, it is a good option to run this shortcut, it will allow you to generate the sound and vibrations necessary to expel the water from your iPhone, using the same mechanism that Apple uses in its smart watch .
  • Share your WiFi network with a QR code: This shortcut will allow you to generate a QR that shares the network and the key of your WiFi connection for your guests, it has never been so easy. However, remember that this function (or similar) comes by default in iOS.
  • Create a PDF document: With this shortcut you can create a document in PDF format from any photograph or file that is being displayed on the screen, without the need to use external converters, it has never been so easy…
  • Delete duplicate photos: Although we already have this feature built into iOS 16, it never hurts to delete some duplicate photos. Running this shortcut will perform a scan of your Photos app and remove all those that are completely identical.

These are the best tips that we have been able to bring you today to iPhone News, if you have more interesting shortcuts, share them here in the comment box, or on our Telegram channel.