Avoid bumps and scratches on your AirPods Max with this accessory

The AirPods Max are professional quality headphones, with very high noise cancellation and sound fidelity with the aim of being able to compete with the high-end headphones. In this post, we analyze a fantastic and very cheap accessory with which to protect your Apple headphones, since its case, to call it in some way, is not very effective in terms of protection.

Apple’s professional headphones have been one of the latest additions that the company has added to its amalgamation of products, leaving the levels of features and price of the different apple devices completely structured in terms of sound. The AirPods Max responds to professional music users who are looking for a product that meets their needs and does not have to leave the Apple ecosystem. However, the cover of this product generated a lot of controversy among its users, especially because its minimalist design does not protect the product from possible falls and bumps. Aware of this situation, many companies have developed protective covers with greater protection and in this post we are going to analyze one of the best: it is the Apple AirPods Max Case Cover PhD Keisi brand.

Best accessory: The PhD Keisi AirPods Max Case.

This case for the headphones has the same features that AirPods Max offers when you put them in the official Apple case. Specifically, it is about the Standby, automatically disconnecting bluetooth to save power. This functionality means that it is not necessary to insert the headphones in the official case, since this accessory responds perfectly to it. A second feature is its design, specifically designed for AirPods Max, with dimensions: 23.5 × 21.5 x 6.5 cm. This design allows the user to place the headphones in the way that best suits the head of the owner, without having to make changes every time they go to put it in the box. The third characteristic is its portability, since this case is very easy to transport and attractive, due to its compact nature and imitation leather that covers the outside of the case. Inside, it is lined with a synthetic leather material. The case also includes the ability to add a portable charger and its cable In case the headphones run out of battery, you can charge it anywhere and continue enjoying them.

AirPods Max case

As a last contribution, if you want to store your headphones with the case that comes as standard, you can also include it in this protective case. However, the only drawback is that the case has two pads at the bottom, which means that the case does not fit perfectly. To fix that problem, you simply have to take both folds and fold them. In this way you can include the three accessories inside the Keisi case, the headphones, the charger and the official case.

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