Avoid errors on your Mac thanks to this function

The latest macOS updates bring with them numerous automation and security features. Not only in order to protect the software on our computers, but also in order to help us carry out all kinds of tasks and thus, avoid certain mistakes that could put us in a bind. So here we tell you what this function is that, very surely, will get you out of trouble.

Apple allows us to undo the sending of Mails

Have you ever sent an email and, for whatever reason, got it wrong and needed to send a correction again? Or have you received the wrong recipient, or have you sent incorrect material? Until now, you had to wait for the email to send, and “apologize” again, to the next email. However, this changes in macOS and in the Mail app.

The native Mail application on Mac has implemented several improvements, among them, the one of undo send. Well, what exactly does this function allow? Well, as its name indicates, when we have sent an email, we can cancel it and prevent it from reaching its recipient. Yes, you can cancel once we have already sent it. So we are going to illustrate the process, so you know how to carry it out:

In the native Mail application, we select the option to write a new email. Once we have entered the recipient, subject and the body of the text, press the send button. If we want, we can also schedule delivery, so that our mail leaves our outbox at the time we want. In this case, we will do the test with immediate shipping.

Once the email has been “sent”, the Mail app will close the window with the email that you just requested to be sent. However, for a few seconds, in the lower left part of the screen, we will see how an option called “Undo send”. All we have to do is click on it and, automatically, the Mail application on the Mac will open, again, the window with the mail that we had sent.

undo send mail mac app mail

In this way, not only is the shipment canceled, but we can modify each and every one of the elements of the mail. We can modify the body of the text, add or remove attachments, modify the subject and add or delete recipients. We will therefore have the power to completely redo our mail, since there is no time limit to modify it. Once we have given the order to stop sending, this mail, unless we send it again, will never reach its destination.

In the same way that, if we stop the option to send an email and then send it again, the person who receives it will only have one email in their inbox. Previous versions that we may have modified will not appear to you. Besides, you don’t need to use an email “@icloud” to run this function. As it is an executable in the Mail app, as long as we have a correctly synchronized account, we can carry it out.