Bad news, Apple would have canceled one of its upcoming releases

Little by little, the Cupertino company has been expanding the catalog of products that it offers in its stores, and, obviously without reaching the levels of other companies, there are many different gadgets that a user can buy in an Apple Store, from headphones , to monitors, going through Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Well, it seems that from Cupertino they have canceled one of their upcoming releases. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Apple’s plans, according to rumors, went through launch a new monitor to complement what the two current options offer today, the Studio Display and the Pro Display XDR, between which there is a big difference, both in price and in the features they offer, yes, to none of the both can be considered an economical option for users.

Ross Young announces the cancellation of the new Apple monitor

One of the most reputable Apple analysts is, without a doubt, Ross Young, which has been the same one that has ruled on the hypothetical monitor that Apple should have already launched according to rumors and that, for now, it seems that it will remain just that, rumors. According to this analyst, the Cupertino company would have completely canceled the idea of ​​​​launching a new 27-inch monitor to complement what both the Studio Display and Pro Display XDR are capable of offering users.

Rumors indicated that it would be a 27-inch monitor with ProMotion technologywhich indicated that it would be located between the two options that are in force today, being superior to the Studio Display but without reaching the level of the Pro Display XDR. Undoubtedly, the highlight and what made many users want this release are the 120 Hz refresh rateI was going to have this Apple screen.

Studio Display

As we said, it was a launch that many users were looking forward to, since for them the Studio Display falls somewhat short in terms of specifications, but the Pro Display XDR becomes too much, also taking into account its high price, and this hypothetical monitor was going to be the perfect combination of the two options that Apple currently has. Obviously it is only a rumor, just as its possible launch was and continues to be, but considering that Ross Young is one of the most reputable analysts in terms of screens, it is likely that this information has a lot of true and Apple finally, or at least for now, has chosen to keep only two options in terms of monitors.

Of course, who knows if the cancellation of this product does not mean that the ideas and the characteristics that it seemed that it was going to have, do not go to a future 27-inch iMac, a product that is being talked about a lot, and which is really expected by many users who miss a substitute for the iMac Pro. However, be that as it may, we will have to remain very attentive to everything that can come around this information from Ross Young.