Bad news for Apple and iPhone users

The year 2023 does not seem to be the most outstanding and fortunate for iPhone users and the fact is that the latest rumors about the news that will arrive with iOS 17 are not really very encouraging. Therefore, in this post we tell you everything you need to know about it, and prepare you for what will come in a few months.

iOS 17 and its few new features

One of the great incentives that all users of an iPhone have is knowing what the what’s new in the next operating systemand it is that, although really the event with the greatest hype and interest is always that of the new iPhone, what really marks what users can do with their devices is WWDC, which is the day in which those from Cupertino present the vast majority of news from the different operating systems, including iOS.

Well, initially iOS 17 was thinking to be a version with many new featuresthat is, an important update in the same way that iOS 16 was or iOS 15 was in its day. However, everything that is happening around this operating system seems to be dragging Apple to have to leave a little aside these initial plans.

The first thing that is affecting or will affect iOS 17 is the ruling that forces Apple to let users download third-party apps that are not within the App Store, that is, allow in iOS 17 more app stores. This fact has been the first trigger that has caused Apple to have to put aside news that was initially going to come with this version of iOS.

But beware, that is not the only reason, since the development of one of the most anticipated products in recent years has also affected iOS 17. It has been rumored for years AR/VR headset launch by Apple, and everything seems to indicate that this will finally be the year in which they come true. However, so many efforts that Apple is making and that it will continue to make in these coming months will mean that they cannot focus so much on those novelties that were in mind for iOS 17, since in the end this new product will also come with a new operating system rumored to be called xrOS.

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Furthermore, this is not a rumor that was born overnight, but rather that it has been around the Cupertino company for a long time, and now it has been the mark gurman, one of the most reputable analysts on Apple, who has reported on it in his regular newsletter. Therefore, despite the fact that iOS 17 is certainly not going to shine due to its novelties, at least apparently, users will have that great incentive to see the birth of a new Apple product that has been talked about so much and, also, of the How little is known and known today, so we will have to be very attentive to everything that can come.