Bad news for Apple, good news for the planet

Being aware of our impact on the environment is very important. And Apple stands behind its projects to fight climate change and to protect biodiversity, and thus have a smaller impact. But likewise, the move has not gone as he wanted, because of his Apple Silicon processors. But what do the environment and Apple Silicon have to do with it? Here we explain it to you.

More Mac time, less e-waste

Mac computers have significantly changed their construction and manufacturing process, increasingly incorporating, recycled metals and rare earths, something very important since they are scarce materials and their mining is very aggressive. And that’s great, when you add how long Mac computers last. While it’s true that older Macs no longer have the performance of yesteryear, they serve as secondary computers or as media players. And it’s common to see Macs from the 2010s running that, while not up to demanding tasks, are surprisingly responsive computers.

However, the arrival of Apple Silicon to the detriment of Intel has meant a revolution for Macs in all its aspects. If and before we had computers with Intel that last a long time, what will happen to Apple Silicon? The good news for the planet, even less e-wastesince Apple computers are not thrown away at the first opportunity.

But this can be turned against appleFor the simple fact that Apple’s M chips are delivering so much power, performance, and efficiency that today’s Macs can last a hell of a lot longer than older computers.

And if the computers still offer performance like the first day after four, five or six years, and there is no real need to change them, Apple could be in trouble in the future on sourcing issues. And it is that it may not be necessary to renew the equipment with the same frequency. Apple is aware that its computers last a long time. But, how long is good for your production chain? How often will they need to present computers that really deserve a change from the users, if with the money invested a few years ago, they still have a fully functional team?

Apple has to be aware of its potential

It should not be forgotten that Apple is a company that lives on its products and its services. Hardware production is one of its pillarsand if this is reduced or stagnant, at least until recently, it was when problems arose and they began to cut growth forecasts, increase prices or have to reinvent product lines to give them an extra push.

old imac vs imac 24

Therefore, it is very good news for the planet (because of the waste that electronics generate) and also for Mac users, who will be able to enjoy computers for even more time. But if Apple really is consistent with its pitch, you will not be able to force users to change your computer, because they can do it through Software, or carry out similar practices.

I would be a very hard blow to his reputation and they would be photographed. Therefore, either they decide to continue promoting the issue of services and diversify their business strategies (which is something that, up to now, it seems they are doing), or they accept the long life of their Macs, and sweeten the users with new features on a regular basis, as a strategy to keep those customers in the long term