Bad practices that will make your Apple devices not work as well over time

In this article we show you some inappropriate practices that you should avoid to optimize the use of your iPhone, preserve your privacy and well-being, and increase the life of the device.

Leave apps open in the background

A habit adopted by many users is to close background applications by swiping up with the intention of saving battery and memory. However, this is counterproductive on iPhones. The background apps They do not tend to consume many resources thanks to iOS's efficient power and memory management. Constantly closing and opening apps can actually consume more power and slow down your device.

So now you know, the next time you are going to close background applications, think twice.

Ignore iPhone Battery Care

Battery health is imperative to the long-term performance of your iPhone. Many users do not take into account the importance of take care of the battery and use poor quality chargers or charge the device improperly. Contrary to what many users may believe, letting the battery drain completely before charging can be harmful to the iPhone. Additionally, not taking advantage of Low Power Mode when needed can shorten battery life.

iphone notch battery percentage

Allow app tracking

With privacy becoming a growing concern in society, it is important to be aware of the privacy settings we have activated on our iPhone. Since the introduction of the function of Application Tracking Transparency In iOS 14.5, users have more control over data tracking. It is advisable to opt out of app tracking to protect your personal information and avoid intrusive personalized ads.

Do not update the operating system

Not updating the iOS operating system is a serious mistake that many users make. OS updates not only bring new features and emojis, but also include security patches and performance improvements absolutely necessary for optimal functioning of the iPhone. Keeping your iPhone updated is important for its security and operation.

update ios iphone

Excessive iPhone use

Excessive phone use is not only harmful to your health, affecting sleep and increasing stress, but it can also have a negative impact on the device itself. Constant use can lead to performance problems, of course we are referring to excessive use and not extensive use on a daily basis. It is advisable manage screen time to balance the use of the device and also improve our health.

In short, improving the user experience of your iPhone means more enjoying its features; it is also important to be careful and carry out practices that help keep the device always in the best condition.