Is Beats Fit Pro A Good Alternative To Airpod Pro?

The ‘new’ Apple Beats Fit Pro is a more mature individual with broader preferences than the ‘old’ Beats, who was a bit childish upstart fond of excessive bass.

Beats Fit Pro has become an entirely more tasteful proposition, from the Solo Pro on-ears to the Studio Buds wireless headphones, thanks to a more balanced approach to sound that has anchored the company’s previous several attempts.

The Beats Fit Pro noise-canceling earbuds utilize Apple’s top-of-the-line H1 processor, which supports Spatial Audio, auto-switching, and a slew of other Apple-centric features while simultaneously catering to Android users. They’re designed with wing-tips to keep you locked in for whatever activity you’re doing.

Beats Fit Pro Comes With A $199 Price Tag

Beats, like Studio Buds, is forging its own aesthetic identity from Apple’s true wireless line with the Fit Pro. The Fit Pro features a flexible wing tip that tucks into the top ear, which is similar to the Buds’ appearance – which is similar to a miniature, sculpted boot.

The design works well once the earbud is properly positioned, although the Fit Pro, like the Studio Buds, maybe a little finicky. The availability of an in-app Ear Tip Fit Test, which checks for any sound leaking, is really useful. It assures you that you’ve discovered the perfect fit and seal.

Physical buttons are used on the Beats Fit Pro, which I believe is a preferable manner of engagement for an earpiece built for active consumers. The responsive pushes provide a pleasant tactile sensation, and the button arrangement is simple to remember. For iPhone owners, it’s a great alternative to the AirPods Pro. They sound amazing and have a lot of quality features, plus they have longer single-charge battery life and a better fit than Apple’s earbuds. The big catch is that you won’t be able to use wireless charging.