Best Apple Watch Apps For 2022

It is a challenge to get suitable third-party apps for your Apple Watch because Apple has limited APIS, and it is problematic to create long interaction apps for Apple Watch.

To make things easier for you, we have selected our personal favorites.

Top Apps For Your Apple Watch


Although Apple has improved its podcast apps, many users are obsessed with Overcast. Overcast has a voice boost feature and smart speed. It is the go-to app because of them.

The Overcast Apple Watch app has all podcast episodes. There is an option to pay $9.99 annually to remove advertisements and more.

NapBot: Sleep Tracker

Apple has not developed a proper sleep tracker app. NapBot is the perfect sleep tracker. It can detect if you are asleep and begin to track your heart rate, noise levels, and sleep phases. All you have to do is wear your watch when you go to bed.

NapBot is free to use on your Apple Watch. However, certain features – like sleep account and trends – need a monthly subscription of $0.99/annually of $9.99.

CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather is a top-tier Apple Watch app. It has fun AI, Apple support, and genuinely fun puns. The app is probably one of the best to review the weather daily.

Carrot Weather for Apple Watch is free but has three distinct tiers, so you can choose the tier that suits your needs while checking the weather.

Just Press Record

This app allows you to record audio via your Apple Watch. Aside from recording, transcription is also an option. It lets you use iCloud and sync the data on all your Apple devices.

Just Press Record supports more than 30 languages. The app lets you have infinite recording time, an option to play recordings on AirPods or via the Watch’s built-in speakers, the option to modify volume with Digital Crown, accessibility aid with VoiceOver, and more. Just Press Record app commands $4.99 to download.

Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak brings kindness to your wellness goals. The app is interactive and is programmed to be human. The app lets you take days off and take breaks if you are unwell. The Apple Watch app checks your mood before starting the workout session. Gentler Streak is free, but it needs a subscription for you to access all features. 


Radio listeners should download the app Broadcasts. It has Widgets, AirPlay and Sleep Timer. The Apple Watch app has Irish radio and has built-in presents and a fixed library of your favorite stations.

You have to pay to access all stations and sync with all your Apple devices.