Best apps to correct texts from an iPhone

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Not being able to write correctly is no longer an excuse if you have a computer. Now, you will think that text correction is only and expressly dedicated to a computer with a desktop operating system -Windows or MacOS-. However, there are some alternatives to do it from an iPhone or iPad. It is for them that we are going to offer you The best apps to correct texts from an Apple computer.

Every day new applications are added to the different application stores for mobile devices. Apple has a good catalog of them and among the different alternatives to create texts, also We have some options to correct our texts when we are away from home, either through our iPhone or from our iPad.

Next we are going to offer you a list of solutions so that your texts are written as well as possible. Although we can advise you to take a look at query methods on-line such as dictionaries or pages like WordReference, which will help you enrich your texts with synonyms, etc., what we are going to tell you about here are applications to correct texts directly from the mobile device.

LanguageTool – perhaps the best known option

LanguageTool for iPhone, text corrector

This application is the best known in the field of proofreading. And it is that it is one of the few that supports up to 25 different languages. Among them is Spanish. Although if you are one of those who write in other languages, you can choose between the following: English (Australian, Canadian, GB, New Zealand, South Africa, USA), French, German (Austria, Germany, Swiss), Asturian, Belarusian, Breton, Catalan (also Valencian), Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Galician, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Khmes, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Ukrainian, Arabic.

Likewise, it is not only used in word processor texts, but it is also valid for social networks or email. LanguageTool has several plans, including a free one -although limited-. The other two offer the following:

  • Version Premium for a single user: 5.33 euros per month or 63.91 euros per year
  • Version Premium for groups: 7.59 euros per month or 91.04 euros per year

The free version will be useful to you in the same way since it allows you to correct up to 10,000 characters per text and check grammar and spelling at a basic level; premium plans offer 150,000 characters per text and enhanced -and personalized- grammar and spelling checking.

LanguageTool - Proofreader (AppStore Link)

Grammarly – an app to correct texts but only in English

Grammarly text checker for iPhone

Another of the veteran options in the sector is Grammarly. Now, before continuing we must tell you that It will only serve you to correct in English. So if you are studying that language or in your job you need to write in English very often, this application will be very useful for you.

Grammarly is available for download on different platforms, although if you’re looking for it for your iPhone, you’ll find it on the App Store as well. It has different subscription plans, although with the free version it will work for you anyway. Now, if you need something else, Grammarly’s plans are as follows:

  • Plan Premium per month: €31.99
  • Plan Premium by year: €149.99

How does it work? This application is an extension -like LanguageTool- that works through your keyboard. In this way, it will suggest, in real time, what you should and should not include in the text you are creating. Likewise, it works both on social networks, via email, and on the web browser you use.

Grammarly - Keyboard & Editor (AppStore Link)

Using the iPhone’s own keyboard

iPhone Text Corrector

If you don’t want to download any extra apps on your iPhone, he smartphone Apple also has its own autocorrect system. Although it already has many entries in its private dictionary, you -as a user- can also add new words.

To know if you have this option enabled, you must Go to the ‘Settings’ of the mobile and enter ‘General’. There you must look for the option that marks you ‘Keyboard’ and enter. Right in the middle of the new menu, you will have all the options available to apply to all the keyboards you have installed on your computer. The options that you can activate/deactivate are the following:

  • automatic capitalization
  • autocorrect
  • check spelling
  • caps lock
  • Predictive keyboard usage
  • smart scoring
  • Swipe to type -in true SwiftKey style-
  • ‘Delete’ deletes the path
  • preview characters
  • Shortcut for ‘.’ – that is, automatically place a point if we press the space bar twice in a row

Likewise, the Apple keyboard it also allows you to configure quick actions to replace texts. For example, it is common that when writing on a mobile terminal -especially in messages to close contacts- the words are abbreviated -a ‘pq’ for a why-. Well, these actions can be configured directly from Settings.

The different word processors have a text corrector

Word for iPhone and iPad

Both Pages -the word processor of Apple’s office suite-, and Word -Microsoft’s word processor-, They have tools to correct texts. If you use them often, you will be able to verify that while you write, words that are misspelled or the grammar does not match what you want to say, it will point them out to you, allowing you to change or correct it instantly. What’s more, when clicking on them, the software suggests the possible correct word. Therefore this It would also be a good method to take care of your texts from the iPhone or iPad.

Microsoft Word (App Store Link)
Pages (App Store Link)

Although they do not have to do with the iPhone or iPad, you may also be interested in receiving the already corrected text on your mobile or tablet and ready to send at any time and from anywhere. Is about an interesting browser extension that you can use from your computer.


Correctand as its own name indicates, it is a extension to install in the web browser Google Chrome. This will allow you that while you browse and write through the web browser, the extension itself will correct everything you type. And, of course, regardless of where you are. That is to say, both email, social networks, etc.. Also, the most interesting thing about this extension is that applies only to the Spanish language.

Download Correct for Google Chrome