Best Free Photoshop Alternative for Mac

At some point we have all needed to retouch a photo, change the format, eliminate a person or object, or simply delete or blur some data of interest. However, the Photoshop applicationthe most popular, is paid, and we don't want to spend money.

For this there are different alternatives, but today, I am going to talk to you about the one I use, because it is free, weighs little and can perform practically all the functions that you get with Photoshop, of course, you will have to learn how to use it, like everyone else. Although it is quite intuitive.

Best Photoshop Alternative for Mac

The first thing to make clear is that these types of alternatives are designed for normal users, like you or me, who are looking to do some of the things mentioned above, it does not serve as a tool for professionals, since those things have to be paid for, and obviously the free program that we will see today will not have the same quality as a pro version of Photoshop.

Well, if you are the first case, and you want something simple and effective, here we go. The application is quite famous, although I understand that if you are here it is because you don't know it. His name is GIMPand despite having a different design than Photoshop, once opened, there will be many things that remind you of the other program.

We can download it from its official website, which I leave here. And the best thing is that if you get used to it, you can use it on any computer, since it is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

With the we can do any photo editing that we can think of, from simple things to much more complex things, for which you will even have to learn by searching for a tutorial on YouTube, since, despite being very easy, it has many buttons and tools, and the complicated thing will be finding where they are, not the use itself.

In addition, it accepts all types of formats, including Apple's own, so any image that you are not able to edit or view with another program or device, you can do so from GIMP, and you can also export it in JPG or another more universal format. also reducing its weight.

Gimp program

The icon of its application is quite handsome, a kind of dog-fox with a brush in its mouth, very characteristic and that surely sounds familiar to you, even though you have never used this tool. And it is very popular, as I told you. It is probably one of the most used alternatives to replace Photoshop. Although well, we all know that on Windows people tend to download it pirated more, something that on Mac, being more complicated, makes many people look for other options.

And you, did you know GIMP? Do you have any other alternative for Photoshop? If you know of an application that is different from these two and that you consider better at some point, leave it in the comments so we can all try it. Although in the end, what a normal user uses are the usual 4 functions, something that they all have, so using the lightest and easiest one is the simplest.