Best stores where to buy a refurbished iPhone

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a product that the customer at a given time sells to a company or store and this performs the necessary checks and repairs to put the device back on the market at a reduced cost compared to the original. We are going to analyze some alternatives to buy reconditioned products.

Best stores to buy a reconditioned product

Next we are going to analyze the main physical or online stores to buy a refurbished iPhone at a very good price, with the security of its correct operation and with an extended warranty in case of any problem.

Amazon Renewed

Amazon is one of the online platforms that offers refurbished products from Apple and other brands. Refurbished devices are intended to work and look like new, but they are not, since they have been sold by an individual or a company. A great advantage is that despite not being new, they have the Amazon warranty up to one year and they also guarantee that the device works correctly.

For this reason, all devices include a complete diagnostic test, repair in case it includes a defective component, cleaning and exhaustive examination and repackaging by the seller or supplier. From an internal point of view, you will not have any performance problems, but there may be small scratches on the device’s chassis or screen or the battery is at its maximum capacity. It is one of the inconveniences that we have to overcome if we use this type of device.

The price of the product varies depending on the characteristics and the condition in which it is found, so if it has some physical damage such as scratches or small bumps, the price will be much lower than if it is in impeccable condition.



Magnificent is one of the best options to buy a refurbished iPhone due to its sell exclusively apple products, so they have a great deal of experience in repairing and preparing such products for purchase. When this supplier receives a device, it performs a condition assessment of the device along with the corresponding repairs.

The device is offered for sale with a five-level listing based on its condition and characteristics: the different levels are divided as new, Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair depending on its use, defects and operation. Finally, Macníficos offers a one year warranty in case of any repair or problem during the first year of use.

The English Court or Hipercor


This Spanish company offers reconditioned products both on its official website and in physical locations. These are products that have been damaged in the multinational company’s warehouses and that cannot be sold or have been returned by customers due to certain errors that El Corte has repaired. Such products, unlike Amazon or Magnificent, have a two-year warranty and are priced much lower than the original product.

In the same way, El Corte Inglés has a catalog with different levels of reconditioned products so that users know at all times the state in which it is: There are six levels: Brand new, almost brand new, grade A, Grade , B, Grade C and Grade D.