Beta 2 of iOS 17.4 is here, and this is what it brings us

All this has to occur before March 6, 2024, and that is why we already have the second beta of iOS 17.4 which, despite not bringing super important news, does bring us a new patch with at least one curiosity.

iOS 17.4 beta 2

The first thing that surprises us, although we see it as quite logical, is the new message that will appear when we open the App Store, giving us to understand that this store is safe, and that you should download the applications from it. Something that they never had to emphasize, but it seems that now they do want you to know.

Furthermore, it incorporates a new digital clock widget that we can configure not only for our local time but for any time in the world. A small detail that, despite not being something for everyone, will work for many people.

On the other hand, fix notifications issue, something that many of us have been suffering from for too many versions, and that has now been fixed, thus avoiding the bugs produced when deploying them. If it has happened to you, you will know what I'm talking about, but thanks to beta 2 of iOS 17.4 it would already be fixed.

Apart from the second beta of this version of iOS, other betas have also been released for different Apple devices, which are the following:

  • iPadOS 17.4 beta 2
  • watchOS 10.4 beta 2
  • macOS Sonoma 14.4 beta 2
  • tvOS 17.4 beta 2
  • Vision OS 1.1 beta

So nothing, we don't have any big news in this update, they are simply bug fixes, surely many more internal ones that we haven't been told about. We will have to keep an eye on its battery consumption and general performance to see if it is a good beta, although we still have a couple of them left before iOS 17.4 is officially released to the entire public. Of course, before March 6, it is the only thing we are clear about.

Clock Widget

These types of betas, while correcting many errors, are also giving new bugs, so it is not advisable to be the first to try them, it is better to wait and see the opinions of the rest of the users who use secondary devices for it.

Time is against Apple and that may mean they don't turn out as well as they should. Of course, the developers are already at work polishing applications that you can download legally and externally on your iPhone, something that we have never seen and that is going to bring us a lot of fun, I am sure.

And you, have you already tried iOS 17.4 beta 2? What do you think of this new version, will it be something important, or are they just releasing it out of obligation, and we won't see much more? Leave us a comment with what you would like Apple to implement in the final version of 17.4, or any bug that you would like them to solve, and let's see if they listen to us.