Better computer and cheaper, this is all new from the Mac mini

What’s new in Mac mini

The Mac mini is living a second youth, and it is that until not long ago, this computer was practically ousted by both Apple and its users, until Apple’s own processors arrived. With the launch of the Mac mini M1 this range has gained tremendous life, in fact it is one of the computers that today, best value for money have. However, right from that launch, Apple had not renewed the Mac mini, until now that it has received the facelift it deserved.

Without changing anything on the outside, Apple has made it clear that the Mac mini is more alive than ever, in fact, as we told you, it has gone from being a completely forgotten computer to being one of the company’s great bets. So much so, that now it is not only available with the M2 processoras you would expect, but Apple also gives users the opportunity to configure it with M2 Pro chip, that is, that now this desktop computer is even more powerful than before. In fact, as Apple says in its press release, andIt’s the first time Mac mini has a processor made for professionalsTherefore, it is the first time that Cupertino has given the professional public the opportunity to satisfy all their needs with this computer.

If we take the Mac mini with M2, the data with respect to its predecessor is really good, and it is that transcoding video in ProRes is up to 2.4 times faster, using filters and functions with Adobe Photoshop 50% faster and, for example, the gaming experience with the Resident Evil Village is up to 35% faster. Now if we take the Mac mini with M2 Pro things get very interesting, since graphics performance in an app like Affinity Photo is up to 2.5 times faster, transcoding video in ProRes format in Final Cut Pro is 4.2 times faster, and I play Resident again Evil Village, the gaming experience is up to 2.8 times faster.

Mac mini M2 Pro

But beware, this does not stop here, since with this launch something has happened that, of course, nobody expected, much less seeing what has happened with the MacBook Pro, which have been the launch companions of this Mac mini. Far from raising the price of this computer, what they have done since Cupertino is to reduce it, yes, you heard correctly, Apple has lowered the price of the Mac mini input, since now you can buy the version with M2 for 719 euro, when until now it cost, with M1, 799 euros. If you want to opt for the version with M2 Pro, the base model starts at 1,569 euros.