Black Friday and Apple Watch SE, the perfect combination

The Apple Watch SE is one of the devices with the best quality/price ratio that Apple has in its catalogue. It is the entry model and for this reason, those of Cupertino have wanted to lower the price so much with respect to the rest of the models. Well, now with Black Friday and MediaMarkt you will be able to save even more money with the purchase of this watch. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Is the Apple Watch SE worth it?

One of the key points that the Apple Watch SE has is its price, which is considerably lower and cheaper than that of its “older” brothers like the Series 8 and, of course, the Apple Watch Ultra. However, this drop in the amount that users have to pay to get hold of it does not correspond to an equitable drop in the benefits of this device, which is why it is an option that the vast majority of people who want to buy a new Apple Watch, shuffle.

In the Apple Store it is priced at 339 euros, this model, which is the 44 mm GPS SE, with an aluminum case, however, In MediaMarkt and as a result of the offers for Black Friday you can buy it for 325 euros. For this price, this Apple Watch will offer you the opportunity to measure and record each and every one of your workouts, as well as the rest of the daily activity you do. With it you will also be able to measure your sleep at night, as well as manage all the notifications that enter your iPhone, to control them and choose much better when it is necessary to take the iPhone out of your pocket.

Therefore, taking into account all the things that this Apple Watch model allows you to do, it is without a doubt the most recommended option for most users who do not really need to have more specifications, especially those who are coming to the market for the first time. Apple Watch world. Now also, with this discount, the opportunity is much greater.

How is it different from the rest?

When buying the Apple Watch SE, this is the question that many users ask themselves, and that is, how is the Apple Watch SE really different from the Series 8? Obviously, while the SE is an amazing device for most of the public, the Series 8 is superior in almost every way. Below we detail the most important ones.

  • The screen the Series 8 is larger, 41 and 45 mm, compared to the 40 and 44 mm of the SE, in addition to having the “Always ON” technology, that is, it is always on.
  • At the level of sensorsthe Series 8 has the sensor of oxygen in blood and temperature.
  • The Series 8 have IP6X certification dust resistance.
  • fast charging it’s also not present on the SE while the Series 8 is.

Apple Watch SE

As we told you, it is obvious that there are differences between these two models, how could it be otherwise, but really the question we are asking you now is, is it worth paying more money to enjoy these advantages? This is something that each user has to assess, but the reality is that with what the Apple Watch SE offers, most users already see the needs they may have satisfied and that a smartwatch can cover.