Black Friday at Aquara: take advantage to home automation your home

The expected Black Friday has arrived, and this week offers and great irresistible opportunities keep coming out for lovers of technology and home automation. This year, Aqarathe leading brand in smart home solutions, has prepared an exclusive offer that promises to transform your space into a connected and efficient environment and, of course, compatible with HomeKit to integrate them with your Apple ecosystem.

You can find diversity, from safety devices to elements that they will make your life easier and more relaxed. Are you going to miss it?


Cameras, surveillance and security

Aqara G2H Pro Camera

Here you have a camera for inside your home with 1080p resolution and compatible with HomeKit. In addition, it has two-way audio capability, night vision, and is compatible with Zigbee, Alexa, Google Assistant and iFTTT. And all this with a 31% discount for Black Friday.

Aqara Camera G3

With a 37% discount for Black Friday we also found this other Aqara device. An indoor camera with facial and gesture recognition with AI, IR remote control, a 360º viewing angle, and 2K resolution for high-quality video. In addition, it is also compatible with the IFTTT protocol, HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Movement detector

This Aqara P1 motion detector has a 20% discount for Black Friday. A fantastic opportunity to get this device that, unlike the previous ones, needs the Aqara Hub to work. Its battery can last up to 5 years, the detection time is programmable and it has an alert system. It is also compatible with Homekit, Alexa and IFTTT.

Open door or window detector

The next product on offer for Black Friday is this open door and window detector with a 61% discount. It also needs Aqara Hub for its operation, but with it you will have a simple and effective alarm system to know if the doors or windows are open. All compatible with Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Zigbee and easy installation, without cables.

Aqara Video G4 Doorbell

This Aqara video doorbell is another of the discounted products for Black Friday. In this case the discount is important, and thanks to it you can get this doorbell with a FullHD or 1080p sensor, facial recognition, with wireless or wired installation, and compatible with HomeKit Secure Video for much less.

Aqara FP2 presence detector

Black Friday brings you a 16% discount on this other Aqara FP2 presence detector with a precise sensor, Wave Radar, easy installation, and with compatibility with HomeKit and also with virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Aqara Vibration Detector

The next Aqara offer for Black Friday is 20% on this vibration sensor that you can install in your home to detect possible intruders, integrable with the alarm system. For example, with it you can detect door tampering, glass breakage, etc. Everything is for the safety of yours and your own…

Sensors and thermostats

Aqara TVOC Air Quality Sensor

Another of the magnificent opportunities of Black Friday is this 20% discount on this air quality sensor, so that you always have a monitor at home that tells you air pollution for COVT, in addition to having an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, and with an e-Ink screen.

Aqara Smart Thermostat

A 24% discount is what this smart thermostatic head has. An Aqara product to link with the Hub and capacity for voice control, and Geofencing support. This way you will always have the temperature of your home controlled.

Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor

We also have a 41% offer on this Aqara ambient temperature and humidity sensor. Take advantage of Black Friday to get this device almost for free. It integrates with the Hub of this brand and is compatible with Zigbee, Homekit, Alexa, and IFTTT. In addition to having a precise hygrometer and temperature sensor, it also has remote control.

Aqara Flood Sensor

Another of the Aqara devices reduced by 18% on Black Friday is this flood sensor. Take advantage of this opportunity to install this sensor in flood-prone areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen, thus detecting a water leak in the event of a pipe break instantly.


Aqara Hub MS1 Gen 2

If you are looking for Hubs compatible with the different devices in the Aqara ecosystem, Black Friday brings you this 20% discount on this M1S Gen 2. With WiFi connectivity, integrated alarm system, remote control and compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and also with HomeKit.

Aqara Hub M2

And if the previous one isn’t enough for you, you also have a 26% discount on this other M2 model. Also with 2.4 Ghz WiFi connectivity for greater coverage, alarm system, infrared remote control, and compatibility with Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit.

Wireless Hub

We also have this wireless Aqara Hub. The E1 supports WiFi and uses a USB-A power interface. It can also act as a hot spot or WiFi repeater, so that the signal reaches greater distances. And it can control up to 128 devices. Do you like it? Well, Black Friday brings it to you for -15%…


Aqara Smart Plug

With a 34% discount for Black Friday, we have this Aqara smart plug with which you can control any device connected to it, programming its on or off, with a timer, voice control, etc.

Aqara curtain control

Take advantage of this 20% discount to purchase this roller blind control, and manage the opening or closing of these with total comfort, using voice commands, programming, etc. And all thanks to this Aqara E1 with long-lasting rechargeable battery and wireless installation.

Aqara Wireless Control Button

Another great opportunity for Black Friday is this discount on this wireless button for the Aqara Hub, with which you can control a multitude of smart home devices. With 3 ways and fully compatible with HomeKit.

Aqara Remote Switch

The next product on sale will also allow you to control smart home devices from a distance. This Aqara H1 comes with a 35% discount, and once linked to the Hub, it can be managed via HomeKit, IFTTT and includes 7 configurable functions.

relay module

Now we move on to this double relay module with which to control high-power devices, such as the motor of a rolling window, garage doors, boilers, etc. The Aqara T2 comes with a 15% discount for Black Friday, so I wouldn’t miss this train…

Aqara Control Cube

To conclude this section, we have the Cube T1 Pro, a control device for the Aqara Hub that has 6 sides, each one to control different scenes or actions of the smart home. And thanks to Black Friday, you can have it for 18% less.

Lighting and more

Aqara LED Strips

The next Black Friday deal, with a 15% discount, is for these 2 meter LED strips from Aqara. You can install them wherever you need, to be able to create varied lighting environments as you want, since they are RGB diodes with the possibility of displaying up to 16 million colors, in addition to white light. They adjust both in intensity and color.

Smart feeder for your pet

Finally, another Black Friday offer is this smart feeder for your pet. The Aqara C1 can be connected to the Hub via Zigbee 3.0 and can be controlled using voice commands to move its position. It works for both cats and dogs, and Black Friday leaves it 20% cheaper.