Black Friday discounts these charging accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch

The vast majority of users who have an iPhone and an iPad usually have the need to also have an accessory that allows them to charge their devices in the most comfortable way possible, and for this Belkin has the best possible solution that, in addition, right now has an incredible discount on Amazon thanks to Black Friday.

Belkin is a company that takes great care of all users who have Apple devices, and one of the ways to do it is thanks to the different charging accessories that it provides to be able to give that power shot to the equipment but in a different way. careful and above all, respecting those sharp design lines that the Cupertino company has and that, of course, users like so much.

Of course, we must bear in mind that in the same way that Belkin accessories have a very careful design and, above all and most importantly, provide the necessary security to be able to charge Apple devices without worries, we must also take Keep in mind that the price of these charging gadgets is usually high. However, now that we are in the black friday weekyou will be able to find the two best Belkin charging bases with a really attractive discount.

Discounted Belkin Charging Pads

Let’s start by talking about the first option and, curiously, the cheapest. This Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger has a traditional design, where users who enjoy it can charge, as its name suggests, up to 3 didevices at the same time simultaneously, to which the power required by each of them will be applied. On the one hand they have an area where they can place the iPhone, to which a 7.5W charging power, and in another where to place the Apple Watch and AirPods. Count with one price of 69.99 eurosthat is, it has a discount of 50 euros.

Belkin Support

Now we come to the jewel in the crown, the charging base that practically every Apple user wants to have on their desk or nightstand. This is the BoostCharge PRO with MagSafe. This Belkin charging base has a really attractive design where, thanks to MagSafe, the iPhone gives the sensation of floating in the air while charging, with a power in this case of 15 W. In addition, it also has an area dedicated to the Apple Watch, of course, and another for AirPods. It also has fast charging capability for the Apple Watch, ideal for models from Series 7 onwards that have this functionality. Their price is 127.49 eurosthat is, it has a discount of 22.50 euros.

Belkin charger

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