Black Friday has arrived for the MacBook Air M2

The month of November is one of the best times for all those who want to save a good amount of money on the purchase of technological devices, and although it is true that Black Friday does not arrive until the last Friday of the month, many brands they start with the discounts much earlier, as in this case with the MacBook Air M2 at MediaMarkt. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The MacBook Air M2 with almost 200 euros discount

As you know, Apple is a company that never lowers the price of its devices, in fact not even on Black Friday does it offer discounts on its products, since what it usually does is offer gift cards for the purchase of these, causing users to have to make a purchase again if they want to take advantage of that discount. However, Apple devices are not only sold in the Apple Store, so fortunately, other stores such as MediaMarkt in this case can offer users interesting discounts on the products of the Cupertino company.

In this case we have to talk about MacBook Air M2, an Apple laptop that has only been on the market for a few months and that is delighting all users who have the opportunity to try it. Well, in these weeks prior to MediaMartk’s Black Friday you can buy this equipment for 1,335 euros, which is a reduction of 184 euros of its original price, that is, a fantastic opportunity to get hold of it.

Is this Apple computer worth it?

With the arrival of the M1 chips, one of the most benefited computer models has been the MacBook Air, since Apple has managed to enable many more users to carry out all their daily tasks with this laptop, given the power and performance that it has and that has been increased considerably with respect to previous models. Well, this chip M2It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and further improves the performance and power section, all this together with a completely disruptive design within the range, but which maintains the essence of being the thinnest Apple laptop to date.

MacBook Air M2

This computer is ideal for all those users who are looking for a very portable device, aesthetically attractive but, above all, be able to carry out the actions you have to do on a day-to-day basis, whether professionally or personally. On this occasion we talk about the model that has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storagethat is, it is the most basic model of all, so it is obvious that it is not designed to perform professional tasks that require a lot of power, such as video editing.

However, if the use you are going to make of this MacBook Air M2 is simply to office tasks, surfing the Internetwatch series, movies and, occasionally even edit some small videowith this equipment you will have more than enough, and also for a much lower price than usual and that has nothing to do with what you have to pay for models such as the MacBook Pro.