Black Friday is primed with the iPad Air What a deal!

One of the most balanced devices that Apple has within its entire catalog is the iPad Air. Well, taking advantage of the fact that Black Friday is just around the corner, stores like MediaMartk have decided to bring forward some of their best offers, and one of them has focused entirely on the iPad Air. So if you want to get hold of it, don’t miss this post in which we tell you everything.

The iPad Air 5, at a discount

As we mentioned, one of the most balanced devices that Apple has within its entire catalog is the iPad Air. It has a really attractive design, an all-screen front and finishes that delight all users, as well as offering many alternatives. It is compatible with the best Apple accessories and also has the M1 chip, which is really powerful. All this without being the best iPad in terms of features, which means that its price is not close to what it costs, for example, an iPad Pro. Initially, at Apple it is priced at 769 euros, well, you can find it at MediaMarkt , thanks to this Black Friday offer, for 699 euros.

It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended devices, since its quality/price ratio is really good, being able to satisfy the needs of any user, even those who opt for an iPad Pro, since the really big difference between them is the screen refresh rate, which in the iPad Air is 60 Hz. For everything else, it can fully compete with its older brother.

These are the best accessories for the iPad Air

Something that must always be taken into account is that in order to take advantage of the full potential that iPads have, they must be surrounded by the best accessories, and this is another of the strengths of the iPad Air, since it is compatible with the best Apple accessories. for iPads, in addition to having a USB-C port to which you can connect different accessories. Here is a compilation of them.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard. This is without a doubt the best keyboard you can buy to use with the iPad Air. Its design is really striking, but the most important thing is what it provides on a functional level, since the mechanism that its keys have is ideal for typing, and the trackpad allows all users to use the device “as if it were a computer.” ».

iPad Air from front

  • 2nd generation Apple Pencil. Obviously, all those who want to take notes by hand need this Apple accessory. It adheres magnetically to one side of the equipment so that you can easily “save” it to always carry it with you, in addition to taking into account that whenever it is attached in this way to the iPad it will be charging.
  • USB-C HUB. If you have an iPad with USB-C, this accessory is essential, since it will give you tremendous potential by being able to connect all the devices you want to it.
  • iPad Magnetic Stand. The iPad is not only very powerful individually, but if you also have a Mac, the combo formed by these two teams is ideal. Therefore, having this support that will allow you to rotate it and place it both vertically and horizontally will be great for placing it next to your Mac and taking advantage of the Sidecar or Universal Control functions.