▷ Black Friday on iPhone: all offers on Apple mobile

True to its annual date, Black Friday is just around the corner and it is, like every year, the best opportunity to do all the shopping for Christmas giftsnot only technological, but also of any other type, since new companies join each year to take advantage of the fact that users always have their wallets at hand.

Black Friday is celebrated on the last Friday of November, just after Thanksgiving in the United States. This year, 2022, It is celebrated on November 25.

However, there are many businesses that will begin to publish offers starting Monday 21. From Actualidad iPhone we will inform you of the best offers to celebrate Black Friday 2022.

What iPhone models can we find on sale on Black Friday?

iPhone 13 Pro 1TB

The iPhone 13 Pro is the iPhone for the year 2021-2022, an iPhone that, except for the software and some small hardware details, does not offer big differences compared to the new iPhone 14.

It is very likely that during these days we will find some offer to buy the discounted iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

With the iPhone 13 Pro Max we find the same thing as the iPhone 13 Pro. It is an earlier version of the current iPhone, but it is more than likely that if we search a bit, we can find some interesting offer on this device that is still excellent.

iPhone 12 Mini

With two and a half on the market, and with features very similar to those offered by the iPhone 12, buying the iPhone 12 Mini is an excellent option to take into account, much more if you are looking for something cheap and that is more compact than the other models.

iPhone accessories on sale for Black Friday

Apple iPhone Case with MagSafe

No products found.

And you could not miss the accessories and accessories for your iPhone on offer, like this one Original silicone case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro. To add more style and protection to your new mobile device.

Belkin wireless charger

No products found.

Belkin has also created this 3 in 1 wireless charger. A complete 7.5W charging station for iPhone, AirdPods and Apple Watch. All with a fantastic design in white and very compact.

portable wireless charger

No products found.

Finally, you also have this other fast and compact wireless charger for travel. A charger with 15W MFI Certified MagSafe for your iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11 and Airpods Pro 1 and 2, among other signature devices.

Other Apple products on sale for Black Friday

Why it is worth buying an iPhone on Black Friday

Although it is true that Black Friday has been distorted in recent years due to the monopolizing interest of many establishments, it continues to be one of the best times of the year to buy an iPhone and, in general, any other electronic product.

Traditionally, Apple has always marked the selling price of all its products. However, for a couple of years, specifically since it started selling through Amazon, we have seen how has greatly relaxed this pricing policy immovable.

Not only on Amazon, we can also find interesting offers in other establishments such as K-Tuin, The English Court either mediamarktAlthough the convenience that Amazon offers us, we will not find it on any other platform.

If you want buy a new iPhone during Black Fridaand you should not miss the opportunity, but not directly in your local Apple Store or through the online store, where Apple never lowers the price of its devices, but through the third-party stores that I have mentioned in the previous paragraph .

How much do they usually lower the iPhone during Black Friday?

Depends. The new iPhone models, in this case the iPhone 14, may have a few discounts between 3 and 5% approximately and only in very specific colors. Don’t expect to find bigger discounts. And if you find them on some little-known platform, particularly, I wouldn’t recommend taking advantage of it.

If we talk about previous generations of iPhone, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 Mini or even the new generation iPhone SE, the discounts that we can obtain in the best-known stores can be around between 10 and 15%.

In fact, in the case of the iPhone 13 Pro, the discount can be even biggerBecause this terminal is no longer available through the Apple Store, so the manufactured units that the company still has in stock are over, it will no longer be available on the market.

How long is Black Friday on iPhone

Black Friday officially began on November 21but the strongest day will be Friday the 25th. This Black Friday does not end until the following Monday, the 28th, with Cyber ​​Monday, a day that in Spain they took up their sleeves to take advantage of the pull of Black Friday and stretch it to almost infinity.

If you plan to renew your old iPhone or buy your first iPhone, the best day to do it is November 25. However, do not forget to stop by Actualidad iPhone where we will promptly inform you of all the available offers, offers that are usually limited to a limited number of units, so you should not think about it too much.

Where to find iPhone deals on Black Friday

The first thing we should do if we plan to buy a new iPhone during Black Friday is forget about the Apple Store. Apple has not celebrated Black Friday for many years, so the best option is found in other establishments or online stores.


Black Friday in Spain is synonymous with Amazon. Since its arrival in our country, 10 years ago, Amazon has become the best platform to buy any type of product over the Internet, not only for price, but also for the guarantee and customer service it offers us.

Also, if we want to buy an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or any other Apple product, we will have the same guarantee as if we bought it directly from Apple.

When we buy an Apple product through Amazon, we are shopping at the Apple store on Amazona store that, unlike its retail and online stores, does offer us discounts, some of them, more than interesting.


Mediamarkt has always been characterized by launching interesting promotions of all kinds of products, including Apple products, so we should not leave them out during the week of November 21-25.

The English Court

The department store par excellence in Spain before the arrival of Amazon, El Corte Inglés, will also launch interesting offers during the week of Black Friday, although Their return policy leaves a lot to be desired.since once the product has been opened, it does not allow the return of the product.


For all those who we are not lucky enough to have an Apple Store Nearby, we have K-Tuin, one of the few authorized Apple resellers that does not have a presence through large stores such as Mediamarkt and El Corte Inglés.

Note: Keep in mind that the prices or availability of these offers may vary throughout the day. We will update the post every day with the new opportunities that exist.