▷ Black Friday on Macs: MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini on sale!

If you like technology and you intend to refresh the Mac you use regularlyit is likely that you are waiting for Black Friday, Black Friday that this year is celebrated on November 25, the last Friday of November.

Nevertheless, starting Monday, November 21will begin unofficially on Black Friday, a day week that will end on Monday, November 28, with the celebration of Cyber ​​Monday. But, the strongest day will remain the official day, November 25.

What Mac models are on sale on Black Friday

MacBook Air 2020

The MacBook Air that Apple currently sells is managed by the M1 processor, a processor with ARM technology that became Apple’s first commitment to this technology in its transition to their own processors Leaving aside Intel. Definitely powerful and efficient.

This device, with a couple of years on the market, will be one of those that You can not miss in the celebration of Black Fridayso if you are interested in getting hold of it, you should not let it escape.

MacBook Air 2022

A short time ago, Apple presented the highly anticipated renewal of the MacBook Air range, a model in which includes the great novelty, the M2 chip. In addition, other details of its hardware and software have also been renewed, as expected.

Although it is so new, hopefully you will find some discounts during Black Friday. If you are interested in any of these models, it is recommended that you take a look at the available offers.

MacBook Pro 2022 M2

No products found.

Of course the version MacBook Pro has also come to be renewed this year 2022, with a most powerful laptop for those looking for something more than an Air. You will also find this model with some discounts during Black Friday, so you can try what the new M2 chips provide.

iMac 2021 M1

The 24-inch iMac that Apple presented in March 2021, we will be able to find it with interesting discountsmost of them associated with a specific color and that could reach close to 10%.

Mac mini M1

Finally, the Mac Mini model, Apple’s mini PC, will also be in luck during these days, with discounts that you should not miss. especially in the 2020 version with M1 chipwhich is the most up-to-date at the moment.

Other Apple products on sale for Black Friday

Why it is worth buying a Mac on Black Friday

Christmas is fast approaching, the time of year when prices rise to take advantage of the need of citizens to buy gifts for their closest friends.

If you don’t want to suffer the rise in prices that practically all electronic products will experience, including the Mac range, you should take advantage of Black Friday, since it is the time of year when prices drop to record lows In most cases.

How much do Macs usually go down on Black Friday?


For a few months we have here the new macbook air with the new processor and with discounts that can be highly variable, although in the 2022 versions they can exceed 10% in some cases. As for MacBook Pros with the new M2 chip, discounts similar to the Air can also be achieved, which means saving hundreds of euros on the purchase.

The iMac, the 24-inch model was also renewed last year, this product is available on Amazon with discounts of between 100 and 150 eurosdiscounts that may be higher depending on the color.

The Mac mini, we are also going to find it with an interesting discount, discounts of around 10%. We will find this high discount in the new version with the M1 chip.

How long is Black Friday on Macs

Unofficially, Black Friday will start on November 21 at 0:01 and end on November 28 at 23:59. However, the strongest day will be November 25, the day Black Friday is officially celebrated.

However, we must not focus our search for offers only on November 25since some stores can launch offers with limited units.

From Actualidad iPhone we will inform you promptly of the more interesting offers on Mac and other Apple products during the week in which Black Friday is celebrated.

Where to find Mac deals on Black Friday

Apple Store United Arab Emirates

Forget about finding a Mac offer in the Apple Store or in the online store. For Apple there is no Black Friday worthAt least outside of the United States.

The only advantage of buying at Apple during these days is that we can return any product until January 10, a campaign that is carried out every year and to which Amazon also joins, so it really there is no reason to shop on Black Friday through Apple.


If we buy a Mac on Amazon, we will enjoy the same guarantees that Apple offers ussince it is the Cupertino-based company that is behind it, although the prices are, in most cases, lower than those that Apple offers through its official distribution channels.


Although the guys at Medimarkt don’t focus their activity on selling Mac computers, during Black Friday they usually offer interesting discounts, especially on equipment that has been on the market for a long time.

The English Court

El Corte Inglés, like Mediamarkt, is ideal for buy older Mac models and that Apple does not sell through its official distribution channels.

In this way they take advantage of Black Friday to go getting rid of stock they have to accommodate new products.


If you don’t have an Apple Store nearby, chances are you have a K-Tuin store. These stores they are like a mini apple store where we can see and test all Apple products. In addition, we can also buy through its website.


At Macnificios, an online store that focuses its activity on Apple products and accessories for its productswe will also find a large number of interesting offers throughout the Mac range.