Black Friday or the Day Without VAT to buy an iPhone?

Similarities and differences between Black Friday or Day without VAT

There are similarities and differences between both promotions, since their objective is for all users to acquire the iPhone they have been waiting for a long time at a moderate price, as well as to increase the turnover of companies on dates prior to the Christmas campaigns. We discuss some similarities and differences below.

They are very similar promotions

With regard to similarities, the most obvious of all is that Both promotions have discounts. However the black friday are the ecompanies that make discounts of the different iPhones they sell, the discount they deem appropriate and not all devices have to have the same discount or promotion, while, in the day without VATall products have the same discount if they fall within the offer.

A second similarity is that both promotions you can access them both in physical stores and onlineso you can buy the iPhone you are looking for both in small neighborhood stores and small businesses and in large stores such as El Corte Inglés, Media Mark or Amazon.

Eye because there are differences

On the Day without VAT the offer on the iPhone is much more standardized, where the discount is the same for all products. Starting from this base, Black Friday can be a perfect excuse for those companies that want to get rid of an old stock, incorporating best iPhone deals that have two or three generations and do not include discounts to the 14 series.

iPhone 14 ProMax

A second difference is that the Black Friday, although initially it was only for the last Friday of November, the large business chains carry out promotions throughout the weekendso you can find different offers throughout the discount period, while the day without VAT is given only for 24 hours on Friday the 19th of this month.

When is the best time to buy an iPhone?

The answer is depends. In this type of promotions, it depends a lot on the iPhone model you are looking forsince if it is a new device, the Day without VAT It is possible that you will find much more interesting offers and at a much more competitive price. Instead, if you are looking for a iPhone of a past generation or some model that has had poor sales, such as the 14 series or the 12 and 13 mini series, it is possible that on Black Friday the offers are more attractive in order to achieve the model.

iphone 13 mini

To buy the product you want at the best price, it is best to look at offers before Black Friday and the day without VAT from other years, in order to analyze which promotion benefits you the most depending on the product you want to buy. There are also companies that maintain the Black Friday offer on the day without VAT, accumulating both promotions.

Finally, if you are a user looking for a standard discount because you don’t want to waste time reviewing websites and offers, it is best to purchase the iPhone the day without VATsince all products have the same promotion and on Black Friday, as we have already said, it depends on the company and the product.