Black Friday reaches the iPhone 13 with these discounts

We are in the middle of the month of November and the offers corresponding to Black Friday are getting earlier each time, luckily for all those users who want to buy an iPhone but with a considerable discount. That is what happens in this case with the iPhone 13, which has a really interesting discount. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discounts available

If you were waiting for Apple to make a great offer for the iPhone 13 for Black Friday, I’m sorry to tell you that this is not going to happen, in fact, those from Cupertino never join this special day by discounting their products, but rather that with the purchase of one of them they provide you with a gift card that you can redeem later, but from the outset you will have to pay the same price as always for any product you want to buy from the Apple Store. For this reason, having stores like Amazon, where they do offer special discounts for devices with the apple logo, will allow you and all users to save a good amount of money. In the case of the iPhone 13 these are the discounts available.

  • iPhone 13 with 128 GB of storage
    • Red color: 34 euros discount.
    • Blue color: not available.
    • White star color: 21 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: not available.
    • Pink color: 34 euros discount.
    • Green color: 34 euros discount.

  • iPhone 13 with 256 GB of storage
    • Red color: 60 euros discount.
    • Blue color: 60 euros discount.
    • Star white color: not available.
    • Midnight color: 111 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 79 euros discount.
    • Green color: not available.
  • iPhone 13 with 512 GB of storage
    • Red color: 77 euros discount.
    • Blue color: 77 euros discount.
    • White star color: 77 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 74 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 77 euros discount.
    • Green color: 77 euros discount.

Is the iPhone 13 worth it?

Surely, after the launch of the new iPhone 14the question that many users ask themselves when buying a new iPhone is whether it is really worth it, in this case the iPhone 13. Well, the reality is that this device, let’s say that has gained more value if possible after the launch of the iPhone 14 specifically. This new device barely differs from the iPhone 13 in two or three small details that really don’t have a big impact on how the device is used or what users can do with it.

iPhone 13 mini size

If on top of that you add the price increase that the iPhone 14 has had with respect to the iPhone 13, the result is that for the vast majority of users it is much more appropriate to acquire the iPhone 13 than the 14. Also, if you add to this the discount you have on this Amazon offerit becomes practically irresistible, taking into account that in the Apple Stores, whether physical or online, Apple has not lowered the price of the iPhone 13 a single cent compared to last year, something that has never happened, the fact that that the previous generation does not drop in price after the launch of the current one.

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