Block Is Making Square Stand 3 For Apple iPad

Block, Inc., led by Jack Dorsey, is rumored to be on the verge of releasing a new and unique iPad system that will revolutionize point-of-sale payment. Developer Steve Moser discovered a color image of a “Square Stand 3” used by retailers to receive payments inside the company’s point-of-sale software.

According to the source, this is a significant enhancement over the previous edition since it includes a physical card reader as well as a tap-to-pay reader. This will eliminate the need for an external credit card reader, according to the company. The Square Stand costs $169 in its current iteration.

Block’s Latest Stand Will Make Payments Easier And Reduce Costs

Every time a customer swipes, dips or touches their cards at checkout, the firm will earn a 2.6 percent fee plus 10 cents, according to the company. Although the technical details of the new media remain a mystery, it will undoubtedly make using the iPad at the sales terminal considerably easier for retailers.

Sellers will not need to connect an extra card reader since they will have all they will need to vend their items on the brand new medium. Everything should, of course, function perfectly with the Square POS app. Block doesn’t specify when Block’s latest iPad stand will be made available, but photographs of the Stands were recently posted to the company’s app, so we can presume it will be soon.

One of the company’s most popular items is the current Block Stand, costing $139. For now, adding the “Square Reader” and paying a 2.6 percent charge for each transaction is required. Apple’s latest Tap to Pay function, which converts iPhones into payment terminals, was released this year. And, as previously said, Apple may use NFC technology to convert its iPads into the top payment terminal. The iPad’s huge screen makes it ideal for use as the new payment terminal as well as a comprehensive system for retailers to manage, register, and market their goods.