Buy an iPhone, better in wallapop or milanuncios?

milanuncios is, along with wallapop two of the most popular platforms when it comes to buy and sell second-hand goods, especially for those looking for a high quality product at a reduced price. In this sense, the iphone is one of the star products in the second-hand market, since they have a lower price and with its update policy you have a high quality product for years.

What do Wallapop and milauncios have in common?

Next we are going to see the main advantages that the Spanish platform Wallapop has when buying products from the bitten apple, which you can even find products discontinued by the company itself.

  • Price: The price is one of the most important attractions that the platform has, since depending on the type of user and product, you can buy any product at a price well below the official price or from large stores with the consequences of the use it has had. by the user.
  • Retail market: The retail and third-party market is an option with great weight in Wallapop, since they are companies that sell their products in their locality and seek extra income through platforms such as the one mentioned above.
  • Mobile app and web platform: The Wallapop and milanuncios app is available for mobile phones, so you can know at all times what messages you are receiving and establishing a conversion in case you need any information is an advantage, as well as answering the user’s questions, such as the status in which is the product or the reason for which the sale occurs.

Disadvantages between both platforms

We have seen that both platforms have numerous advantages when purchasing a second-hand device, however there are some differences between them that depending on the type of user you are, you may be convinced of one or the other Alternative.

  • Price plans: both have pricing plans, however, the subscription method is different, since Wallapop makes a monthly payment for purchasing the premium account, while Milanuncios receives a commission for each sale it makes.
  • Shipping limits: Wallapop only allows you to send one product per purchase, therefore, if you want to sell different iPhones to a single customer, you will have to look for alternatives to what Wallapop offers you. In this sense, milanuncios has established limits by volume, not by number of files.
  • Personalization: Personalization is one of the great advantages of milanucnios when it comes to selling your products, since it offers a much more structured cataloging and the possibility of creating a much more attractive sales form for the user.
  • Safety: Unlike Wallapop, milanuncios offers greater security when it comes to sending your purchases online, which offers much more security to both the buyer and the seller. Wallapop has taken steps forward in this management, but still insufficient.

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Depending on your preferences, Wallapop or milanucios It may be the best option for each user, especially for subscription and shipping plans, which is where the differences are best displayed. In addition, the experience of people you know around you is a fundamental aspect when assessing which platform is the best alternative, although in terms of security, milanuncios is one step above Wallapop.