Buy iPhone XR in 2022?

Time passes faster and faster and a clear proof of this is when we realize that the iPhone XR has been on the market for four years now. Apple’s cheap device was a real sales success, saving the fiscal results of an iPhone XS that was not able to improve its results due to its few new features compared to the iPhone X. In this post we are going to analyze this small device and the enormous joys that it gave to its users: Is the iPhone XR worth it in 2022?

Do you use the device multimedia?

If you are a user who uses the iPhone XR to send messages on WhatsApp or consume multimedia content via Facebook or You Tube, this device fully meets your expectations. the screen of 6.1-inch liquid Retina It offers a pretty good panel to view any content.
Regarding the rear, the iPhone XR has a single camera. However, if you are a user who likes to take simple photos without extensive retouching and you are looking more to save a memory than to take a photo, you are facing a device that works really well.

Looking to squeeze camera, video and games?

The situation changes completely if you are a user who wants to extract the maximum potential from your equipment, since the iPhone XR has an LCD screen, which has a lower performance than the PRO series or the iPhone 12. Also, for video game themes, we are before a multi-generation chipso it is likely that you will suffer heating and efficiency problems of the chip is not the same as the most current processors from Apple.

The weakest point of this device are the cameras, since it only has a single lens and that prevents you from making professional videos or being able to record at 4K. Therefore, if you want to use the iPhone to record countries or record small semi-professional shorts, this device is not the right one for you, neither for longevity nor for performance.

iPhone XR black

Is the iPhone XR worth it in 2022?

Unfortunately, not everything is black or white, there is a gray scale that gives us two possibilities when assessing whether this device is worth it in 2022. If the device comes from a relative who wants to leave it to you because the yours or do you have a very basic usethe iPhone XR is a great option as a low-cost product.
In this sense, although it is a four-year-old phone with a degraded battery, the device has support for iOS 16 and it really works in your day to day. It can also be a great option if you are a secondary devicethat is, a device that you have for business tasks and combine it with a more recent device for photographs, multimedia consumption and video in a professional way.

The problem comes when we have to go to the second hand market either third party stores to purchase this device. Under these circumstances, We do not know how the device has been used and as cheap as it is, for a little more investment, you can get the new iPhone 11which is a much more complete device than the aforementioned XR.

iPhone XR screen