Buy the MacBook Air M1 now, is it worth it?

Just a few months ago, Apple released the long-awaited refresh of the MacBook Air. In it, not only did the design change, but the M1 chip was also replaced by the M2, but the question we ask ourselves is, is it worth buying the MacBook Air M1 in 2022? Well, we will tell you everything in this post .

Reasons to buy the MacBook Air M1

Usually, a mistake is made when thinking that because a brand launches the renewal of a product, the previous one is no longer valid, and a good example of this is what happens with the MacBook Air. When Apple launched the M1 chip, this device took on a new life, since due to the power and performance that the MacBook Air M1 had and still have, many more users began to see that with this equipment they could perfectly satisfy all their needs.

Well, this has not changed, that there is a new MacBook Air M2, does not mean that the previous version is not still fully capable of satisfying the needs of many users. Its design is still really attractive and, what is more important, very slim, allowing all users to carry it with total comfort and ease.

In terms of power and performance it is still a real beast, although yes, depending on your needs you will have to buy a unit with more or less RAM as well as more or less storage capacity. But what you have to be clear about is that power and performance go hand in hand from this Apple laptop thanks to the presence of the M1 chip.

In short, who is this MacBook Air designed for? Well, for all those users who need to use a computer in their day-to-day life that provides comfort, lightness, portability and power, with a good battery and with the ability to meet the needs that arise from your daily tasks, such as surfing the Internet, making presentations, text documents and even, why not, the ability to edit video occasionally, or even frequently.

Reasons not to buy the MacBook Air M1

Obviously, not everything is perfect in this computer, and naturally, it is not the best option for all users. Before we commented that with the MacBook Air M1 you can frequently edit video, and the reality is that it is, in fact, many content creators use it to edit the videos that they upload to their different social networks or YouTube channels.

MacBook Pro 14

However, the MacBook Air is not intended for professional users in certain sectors. Although it is ideal for office automation issues, and as we said, it can also be used to edit video or other heavier tasks, for this it would surely be much more appropriate to acquire one of its older brothers, that is, a MacBook Pro with M2 chip, M1 Pro or M1 Max, depending on the needs of each one. In short, what is clear is that the MacBook Air M1 is still a great option for many users, in fact, that is the reason why Apple, despite having launched the MacBook Air M2, continues to sell it in its physical stores. and online.