Buyers are returning iPhone 15 Pro and Vision Pro in equal shares

Despite the price of the Apple Vision Pro being high, and that in the first weeks of the product in stores, there has been a lot of talk about returns, now we know more accurately the percentage of units that are being returned. Do you want to know all the details about it? We already told you that they are being returned in the same proportion as the iPhone 15 Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro is a device that is only sold in the United States, at a price of $3,500 and is the first generation of its platform. The iPhone 15 Pro is a product that is sold all over the world, at a significantly lower price, and it is a veteran, as it is part of the 15th generation of phones.

iPhone 15 Pro and Vision Pro are returned equally

It was the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider who reported the news. How has this information been known? It has been thanks to the renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has published an analysis “regarding all the factors surrounding the Apple Vision Pro.” And among these elements is the percentage of returns.

The analyst has shared the following information: «According to my investigation of the returns and restorations line, Vision Pro's current return rate is less than 1%, with no anomalies«. Therefore, according to its projection, it is a normal percentage within what an Apple product is.

He also points out one of the reasons why buyers are returning the mixed reality headset: “It is worth noting that Between 20 and 30% of returns are due to users not knowing how to configure the Vision Pro«.

The Appleinsider media has crossed data

How is it that it has been concluded that the Vision Pro is being returned with the same frequency as the iPhone 15 Pro? Firstly, they explain that they have reviewed their own data, in which They have analyzed the return trend of iPhone Pro models for years.

Secondly, they say that a reliable source they had from At&T confirmed thatThe rate of iPhone returns that were being carried out was approximately 1.2% of the distributed units.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Regarding the data provided by Ming-Chi Kuo, the media explains that what the analyst has published coincides with the investigation that they themselves have been carrying out. They disclose that, to obtain returns data, they spoke with up to 24 stores on the East Coast of the United States, which are dedicated to technology retailing.

However, although they have been able to establish a correlation after cross-referencing data, Appleinsider wants to be cautious: “Our research has not included data from online returns, while the data provided by Ming-Chi Kuo does. have made. “Kuo's check of the refurbished chain also includes an unknown number of returned units, while ours does not.”