Buying a refurbished iPhone at an Apple Store, is it the best idea?

Apple, like many third-party stores, sells refurbished products, which have had a factory defect and have undergone a repair process or a user has given their old device to obtain a substantial price reduction in the acquisition of their new iPhone. In this post we analyze all the details about refurbished products in official Apple stores.

Where are refurbished products purchased?

Refurbished products are purchased at the official Apple store whose link is attached below: On this page we can find all the categories of the different Apple products that are normally sold, that is, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Accessories.

If we start browsing, what we will see is that not all the devices that Apple offers are refurbished. To date, the only models available are those belonging to the 11 and 12 fame. That is, there is neither iPhone 13 nor iPhone 14. However, this catalog is quite changing, because in a few days the offer can completely change.

How is the process of buying these products?

The process of purchase is the usual regardless of any product or model and the process is similar to when you buy a new product. Apple wants to provide the same user experience whether it’s a refurbished iPhone or a new iPhone. The purchase process consists of two steps.

Firstly, you choose the model, storage and color based on the available models and secondly, you make the payment and in a few days the product arrives at your home or at an Apple Store that you have determined as receiving the product.


How is the guarantee provided by Apple?

the gwarranty changes compared to a new model and it is perhaps one of the aspects that we have to take into account the most. The warranty is one year at Apple. There are other stores that give more years but we are not sure that original Apple parts were used in the repair. According to Apple Apple, its refurbished models also include both the manuals and the original accessories, although nothing is said about the accessories that are new. The iPhone’s only current accessory is the charging cable, and from my impressions it’s either brand new or never used, as it doesn’t have any specks of dirt or signs of wear.

The iPhone comes to us in a White box, this implies that the phone is refurbished and not a new product. According to Apple the case is completely replaced where you can see that the iPhone purchased is a new iPhone. What you can’t see is whether Apple has changed the screen. Along with this, every refurbished Apple phone also undergoes a battery change that you can verify yourself, because you can access the battery health, its value appears at 100%

iPhone case side

No, it’s not worth buying a refurbished iPhone.

Among the reasons for not buying it, the first place stands out the price, since for the price of a Refurbished iPhone you can buy a new iPhone on Amazon or Macnificos with the certainty that this product has not been tampered with. Second, it is the lack of transparency, where we do not know the reasons why that iPhone we buy is refurbished.

The price It may be a reason to opt for a refurbished device, but you can still find the same products at a cheaper price on the mentioned websites. In conclusion, It is not worth purchasing a refurbished product from the official Apple store.