Buying an iPhone in Wallapop, is it recommended?

Wallapop is an online sales platform between users who want to buy or sell a product. However, many users are reluctant to buy on this platform, therefore, Is it advisable to buy an Apple product in Wallapop?

Advantages of Wallapop

Next we are going to see the main advantages that the Spanish platform Wallapop has when buying products from the bitten apple, which you can even find products discontinued by the company itself.

  • Price: The price is one of the most important attractions that the platform has, since depending on the type of user and product, you can buy any product at a price well below the official price or from large stores with the consequences of the use it has had. by the user. However, that use does not have to be negative at all, because if the device has been taken care of, it probably only has a small degradation of the battery.
  • Retail market: The retail and third-party market is an option with great weight in Wallapop, since they are companies that sell their products in their locality and seek extra income through platforms such as the one mentioned above. In addition, these users have PRO conditions and the possibility of financing, so you can make the disbursement periodically. Having an insurer generates trust and being a professional company drastically reduces the options for deception.
  • Mobile app and web platform: The Wallapop app is available for mobile phones, so you can know at all times what messages you are receiving and establishing a conversion in case you need any information is an advantage, as well as answering the user’s questions, such as the state in which they are the product or the reason for which the sale occurs. From the application you can send and agree everything with the client and even block the user in case you have discrepancies with him.

The consequences of the second-hand market

  • Scams: Some users have reported hints of a possible fraud by Wallapop, since the product has not arrived or nobody wants to leave the money in advance without being sure that the product will arrive at their home. Wallapop has put a solution to this problem through a premium pay, where the platform itself is the one that records and controls the entire process and until the user receives the equipment, the buyer does not receive the amount
  • Loss of product and price incompatibility: When a seller is selling a product, they may have several potential buyers. Despite the fact that he is trying to make a sale with you, if there is another seller that offers better conditions or better meets his requirements, such as proximity or the deal in hand, he will surely change his mind and sell his product to another client.
  • Prices: The price that is sold in Wallapop is not invariable, but depends on the product and the market situation in the area where you sell and promote your products. However, many users try to make changes to your product or offer you a price well below the markup. Likewise, when you have a fixed price, the buyer can arrive with changes at the last minute, saying that they will lower the price a little more, changing the initial conditions, so you have to decide whether to accept the offer or start the sales process again. .

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