Buying the iMac now, is it a good idea?

Fortunately for users, there are many options that Apple offers when it comes to buying a computer that bears the bitten apple logo. One of these options, and also taking into account its price, is the iMac, which curiously is one of the emblems of Apple’s history. It hasn’t been updated since its launch, so in this post we want to tell you if it’s really a good idea to buy it now.

Is the iMac going to be renewed?

One of the big questions around this device is if Apple is going to renew it in the near period of timeand it is that so far, both the Mac mini, as well as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro already have their corresponding version of the M2 chip and although it is strange that the iMac has not inherited its own, it is possible that those of Cupertino keep in mind doing a renovation soon.

However, in case Apple finally decides to update the iMac, what will surely happen is that let’s see a different version, since if his intention was simply to change the M1 chip for the M2, he would have already done so, as has happened with the rest of the computer models, with the exception of the Mac Studio. This not only supposes the fact of having a different equipment from the previous one, but it will also be accompanied by a increase in its pricesomething that you have to take into account when making the decision to buy or not buy this iMac M1 right at this time of the year.

In which cases is it worth buying?

The market trend and especially the rate of updates that Apple carries out with its processors can make the user think that the M1 chip has already become obsolete or that they are no longer capable of performing at the level expected. However, the reality is completely different, since these processors are still just as powerful that the day they went on the market and although it is true that the M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max are more powerful, it does not mean that all users have to go for equipment with these pieces of processors.

screen imac m1 2021

The best example is a server that is writing these lines, which has a MacBook Pro with M1 chip and that apart from working within the team of the La Manzana Mordida website, he also edits videos for companies, so the demands on the MacBook are high and even so, with the M1 he doesn’t even blink an eye.

Therefore, surely for the vast majority of users, the M1 chip is more than enough to perform the tasks they need to perform. Of course, depending on the demands you have, you will have to bet on a model that has more RAM and storage, since there you will notice the jump from the entry-level iMac model to the superior ones that have greater technical specifications.