By 2023, an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 14?

There are many users who take advantage of these Christmas dates to change their device, therefore, in this post we want to tell you if, for the year 2023, it is better to buy an iPhone 13, which is from the previous generation, or its successor, the iPhone 14 So, if you are in doubt about which iPhone is worth the most, keep reading that you will surely end up deciding on the best possible option for you.

The differences between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

With the launch of the iPhone 14 there has been a lot of controversy because the changes compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 13, are really few and far between, in fact, if we focus on one of the points that most attracts attention at the outset, although later it does not have much impact on the experience that users have with the equipment, it is the chip, Apple has not changed the processor of the iPhone 13 and, therefore, the 14 also has the A15 Bionic. Although yes, the iPhone 14 has one more GPU core.

Where you can find a slight difference is in the cameras. The lenses of the iPhone 14 have somewhat improved their opening, now having f/1.5 at wide and prime, while the 13 has f/1.6. In addition, it has the new technology of Photonic Engine, which helps get better results in low-light situations. We must also bear in mind the improvement in the opening of the front camera, going from f/2.2 of the iPhone 13 to f/1.9 of the iPhone 14, which is summarized in the possibility of obtaining sharper images with less noise. .

If we talk about cameras, obviously we must take into account the video section, where there are two different points, firstly the cinema mode on the iPhone 14 it now reaches a 4K HDR resolution up to 30 f/s, on the iPhone 13 it stays at 1080 at 30 f/s, and the iPhone 14 also has popular action modewhich provides greater stabilization when recording video with the iPhone.

iPhone 14 offer

Finally, we must mention the presence in the iPhone 14 of being able to detect traffic accidents, so that in the event, hopefully not, that the user of said device has an accident with his vehicle, the iPhone will detect it and will be able to call automatically to the emergency services to come to your rescue.

Which is more worth it?

Well, once you know the differences between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14, surely you have deduced that the 13 is the best purchase you can make, especially considering that this part of the 909 euroswhile the iPhone 14 does it from the 1009 eurothat is, it costs up to 100 euros more expensive.

iPhone 13 in black

Obviously due to the difference in benefits it is not worth paying that difference that is also in the priceNow, if you find a good deal on the iPhone 14 that is able to reduce this difference in price, then yes, the iPhone 14 is the best purchase you can make.