Can a virus enter from the App Store?

The App Store is the main mechanism that iPhone users have to install applications on our mobile device. Apple invests millions of dollars annually to improve the quality and security of its app store. However, many users may wonder, Is the Apple Store safe?; Can we get a virus from this app store? In this post we are going to see it.

Zero vulnerability in the App Store

The Apple App Store is known for having rigorous review and quality control processes. Before an app can be published on the store, it must go through a review process which includes verification of its functionality, compatibility and compliance with Apple policies individually, that is, all applications go through the same process and each process is personalized. Additionally, Apple reviews application code for malware or malicious behavior.

This is one of the big differences with respect to the Play Store, since it has a more automated and less strict review process. As a consequence, applications can be published faster and with less intervention from app controllers. As a result, the malware infection rate on the Android platform is higher than on iOS. However, Google continues to work on improving its review processes and protecting users.

Aspects to take into account as a user

Apple performs exhaustive control of the applications in the App Store. However, its system is not infallible and there can always be small crevices where malicious software can enter your iPhone. Therefore, the user also has to take into account some parameters before installing an application.

First of all, before downloading the application, make sure that the development is legitimate and trustworthy and above all, look for information in case Apple engineers have determined that this application is currently undergoing verification.

iPhone 14 screen

Also, check if the application has received any award or distinction from Apple, both for its quality and for its security. So, it is an indication that Apple trusts the application. In addition, it is also important to read the opinions and ratings of other users, they can be a useful source of information about the performance and security of an application.

Even the app meets all of Apple’s security criteria, as the saying goes “The devil is in the details.” Therefore, review the permissions requested by an application before installing it and avoid those that request access to information or functions that are not necessary for its operation. Likewise, also be wary of applications that send you to links outside the App Store both at the time of downloading and while using it.

Finally, operating system and application updates often include security patches and protection enhancements. Be sure to keep your device up to date to reduce the risk of infection.