Can Apple buy Disney? Doubts, certainties and some lies

After the resignation of the current Disney executive, Bob Chapek, the return of the previous CEO of the company took place, which had led Disney to a time of economic growth, not only in the Stock Market, but also in turning it into a reference brand. and excellence in both his series and his movies. Bod Iger, the new CEO of Disney, said that one of the possible solutions to the crisis that the company is going through is sell it, and Apple has directly set its eyes on it. So, Can Apple buy Disney? We analyze it below.

The union of Apple and Disney

The union of Apple and Disney is not recent, but since the time of Steve jobs, Apple has always had very good relations with Pixar and since its purchase, with Disney. For many years, Bob Iger has always stressed the importance and good relations that he has with Apple, therefore, if the sale were to take place, Apple would be a great candidate with great purchasing power to revive a company in serious trouble to alleviate the poor results of the latest productions.

Certainties: Would Apple form a monopoly if it acquired Disney?

This is the most important question of all. If Apple acquires Disney, it would be the definitive consolidation of Cupertino’s turn towards a technology and services company and not just a company that sells high-end products. The purchase of Disney would introduce Apple into this new scenario, which is why many companies will begin to fear Apple’s economic superiority, which would make it possible to buy any company, since it would allow it to control two areas that have great weight in today’s world. , such as film productions and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, there would be many companies that would be reluctant to acquire them and would avoid their purchase.

The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently stated that the company is not looking to acquire a international company nor of great weight in the market, but would seek to buy sections of large film companies, for example, the acquisition of Star Wars.


Tim Cook is very interested in buying the company, however, for sure Apple would not have made any formal offer of it, for two main reasons. On the one hand, let’s not forget that the purchase of Microsoft by Art Vision has not yet been made official and it is not clear that its purchase is a fact, because all the companies in the sector are reading the contract carefully and will surely look for legal loopholes. to avoid buying a key company in the video game sector. On the other hand, the antitrust laws These mentioned above would have to be added to the huge investments that Apple has made in recent years in Apple TV+, so buying Disney will be like acknowledging that they have not been able to attract customers and questioning the quality of their platform.


What is the current situation?

The situation we are currently in responds to the fact that Apple is in a moment of expansion, as it seeks to increase its income through services and consolidate itself against alternatives such as HBO Max or Amazon. By contrast, Disney has not publicly stated that it is seeking foreign investment.


Time is the best teacher and it will shed light on a probable but complex scenario, because Disney is in a bad financial situation, Apple wants to buy it and the competition has to give its verdict. What is clear is that Tim Cook and Bob Iger have a pending meeting.