Can I buy software at an Apple Store?

The Apple Store is the place where you can buy hardware: Apple products and accessories, either in a physical store, or through the website. However, is it possible to buy software? The most common is to think that the applications and programs for Mac, iPhone or iPad are acquired through the App Store. So in this post Let’s see if it’s possible to do this.

The software is limited, but it exists

Both on the official Apple Store website and through the application we can find some software products. Although, the offer that we have available, and in some cases, this can be achieved by other means. However, it is still curious that the Apple store focused on a physical product offers us some software alternatives, although this is not very extensive.

Right now, online, we can divide the software available from the Apple Store into three main categories. On the one hand, we have available Microsoft software, Apple software and creation and management software. Of course, they all have in common that They are Mac only. Therefore, we will not be able to buy software for the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The list of digital products that we have available is the following:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 (1 Mac)
  • Microsoft 365 Personal (annual subscription)
  • Microsoft 365 Family (annual subscription, up to 6 people)
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 (1 Mac)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Standard (one-year subscription)
  • Claris FileMaker Pro 19

The Microsoft Office packages are the licenses that we will need later to activate the product. The Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems are designed to get older computers up and running again, or to upgrade to newer versions of macOS or OS X. FileMaker Pro, on the other hand, is a creator of applications focused on productivity.

Beyond this selection of software products, it is not possible to purchase programs through the Apple Store, at least not directly. Because if we are going to buy a Mac, from the Apple Store, it is possible to buy software, but as a complement to the computer, and only from the last page before making the payment.

mac preinstalled software

This is possible in the Reinstalled Software section, where we can ask to install two programs from Apple itself: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Paying, yes, the corresponding amount for each of the programs. Only then, without having to go through the App Store, can we buy the software together with the computer, so that it is already installed and ready to be used, and is linked to our Apple ID once we activate the Mac for the first time.

The best option to buy software, whatever your Apple product is, is to go to the App Store. All the applications that are available for these devices, you will find them there. We only have to make a point in the case of the Mac, where we can buy or download applications directly from the Internet. So it will not be necessary, in all cases, to have to go to the App Store.