Can I copy contacts from iPhone to SIM card?

When we want to transfer or copy our iPhone contacts, we always turn to iCloud, third-party apps, and in the old days, we used iTunes. But the SIM card seems to be largely forgotten in this section, so here we will see if it is possible, or not, to copy contacts from our iPhone directly to the SIM card.

Where are iPhone contacts stored?

The iPhone, like all Apple devices, uses a more proprietary and closed ecosystem, if we want to save contacts. At least, in the mode in terms of transferring and saving them. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish very well Two situations that can be confusing: Transferring a contact to the iPhone is not the same as transferring a contact from the iPhone to another site. Of course, all this, if we talk about using the SIM card as a storage medium.

Although the iPhone allows you to save and export contacts via vCards, through emails, with our iCloud ID, etc. the truth is that the SIM card has a more secondary role in this field. The SIM is necessary to activate the iPhone, whether or not you have contacts. But for what interests us, the picture is quite different.

If we talk about the SIM card, the iPhone allows you to copy contacts from the SIM to the iPhone. But it is not possible to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card directly. But that does not mean that we cannot transfer our contacts from the iPhone to a SIM, we will see this later. It must be borne in mind that this function is already becoming obsolete, especially if we take into account that Apple has already launched its first iPhones without a SIM card in the United States.

copy contacts iphone sim

Even so, in those iPhones that have a physical SIM card, we can copy the contacts from the SIM to the iPhone, if we are going to Settings > Contacts > Import SIM contacts. In this process, all the data from our card will be copied to the phone’s memory. But if we want to do the process in reverse, we will need another phone.

To copy contacts from iPhone to SIM you need Android

Yes, you read it right. The only way to copy our iPhone contacts to a SIM is to use a phone that allows copying contacts to the SIM card. And these phones are Android. Even so, the process is relatively simple and is carried out in very few steps:

  • Download an app for create vCards on iPhone (We leave you one in this post).
  • Choose all your contacts to group them in the same vCard file.
  • Email yourself that vCard file.
  • Turn off the iPhone and remove your SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM into the Android phone and turn it on.
  • On your Android mobile, open that email with the vCard tab of your contacts.
  • Import this entire list.
  • Go to the settings of your Android phone and look for the option of copy all contacts to SIM card.
  • When the copy is done, turn off the Android and remove the SIM.
  • Insert that same SIM again into the iPhone and turn it on.
  • Go to Settings > Contacts > Import SIM contacts.

When we import data from SIM card to iPhone, these contacts that are on the SIM are not deleted. They are stored there and are not accessible. Therefore, if over time you expand or reduce your list of contacts and want to save them on the SIM card, you must repeat this same process.

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