Can I create an Apple ID from Android?

Whether you want to use Apple products or services, yes or yes, you need to create a user account. But what happens if we want to use an Apple service on a non-Apple device? And even without using any services, is it possible to create an Apple ID from an Android phone? In this post we are going to answer the question.

There are several ways to create an Apple ID

If we want to create an Apple ID, we no longer need to have to resort exclusively to an Apple product to create it from there. Now things have changed, and creating an Apple ID is also possible from the services. And also, from Apple’s own website.

Thanks to these two items, it is how you can create an Apple ID on an Android terminal, and the procedure to create an Apple ID is really simple. If you want to create an account, on Android, using the applications of Apple services, on Android the following are available:

Please note that the other Apple services: Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, iCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books are only available within the Apple ecosystem. so stop create an apple id on an android, we can only do it with the music service and with the streaming service of series and movies from Apple. We also do not have the iTunes and iTunes Store service available.

So, to create an Apple ID from Android through apps, we will have to download them, and when we are on the main screen we will have to Click on the Create Apple ID option. At that time, we will be redirected to a section of the Apple website, where we will have to fill in our data and, once we have completed everything, we can subscribe to these services, directly.

Create an Apple ID from the Apple website

Did you know that it is possible create an Apple ID from the official website? This method works for any device, and also, from Android. So if we open the internet browser of our mobile and enter the specific section to create an Apple ID, we can fill in all the information fields.

web apple id

Thus, no need to download any app, or subscribe to any service. So we will have an Apple account available to use whenever we want. And we won’t have any problem when connecting it to our Mac, iPad or iPhone. And it is that, not because we have created an Apple ID on Android, this does not imply that it is not compatible with all Apple devices, or that they use its services.

So, yes: we will not have any limitations, beyond those imposed by Apple. We may link the ID to compatible products and services. In the same way that if we have created an Apple ID with a Mac, we can use it on an Android, if we download Apple Music or Apple TV.