Can I have two Apple IDs on one Mac?

The iMac can be a multi-user computer, because a computer that can adapt to professional solutions and simple daily activities. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to have two or more Apple IDs on a single device, and therefore, in this post, Let’s see how we can do it easily and quickly.

Before we start delving into the need to have two or more or Apple IDs, we have to have the main id, that is, the ID that we always need when we are going to unlock the Mac. As you already know, the App ID is a unique account that allows users to access various Apple services and applications, such as iCloud, App Store and much more.

Multiple users and sessions on macOS

Once we already have our Apple ID installed, macOS allows us to have multiple users and sessions on a single device. The advantage of this is that each user can have their own Apple ID associated with their account and use it to access Apple services and applications. Next, we are going to describe the steps you have to take for multiple Apple IDs within the same Mac. The process consists of four very simple steps

  1. Open System Preferences or system settings from the Apple menu or the Dock.
  2. Click on “Users and Groups”.
  3. Click the button “+” to add a new user.
    1. In the event that you have a Mac with a version prior to Ventura, it may ask you for the unlock code of the device in order to unlock the lock that prevents you from adding a new user.
  4. Enter the required information for the new user, including the Apple ID. Then click “Create user” to end.
  5. once you’ve configured additional users,each of them will be able to sign in to their account and use their own Apple ID to access Apple services and applications.

New account

Sharing purchases and subscriptions between different Apple IDs

The advantages of having several users on the same MacBook not only lies in the autonomy you have in each of them, but you can also share purchases and subscriptions between different Apple IDs. The problem is that sharing process with a certain Apple ID No they are automatically shared with other Apple IDs on the same device.

One solution for sharing purchases and subscriptions between different Apple IDs is to use the feature “Share with family” from Apple. This native Apple option allows you to easily share purchases made in the App Store and subscriptions as Apple One, between a maximum of six family members. In the event that you want to carry out this process of sharing with the family, we have attached a link for it.


By way of conclusion, it is important to highlight that backup copies cannot be shared between different Apple IDs, since these types of copies are personal and non-transferable due to the information that may include work or other types of matters.