Can I link AirPods to a PlayStation?

AirPods are headphones with a Bluetooth connection, and although they are intended to be used within the Apple ecosystem, the truth is that they are also compatible with other systems such as Android or Windows. However, what if I want to connect some AirPods to a PlayStation? In this post we leave doubts.

Can AirPods be linked to PS4 directly?

For this test, first generation AirPods and a PlayStation 4 updated to the latest version of its operating system have been used. If we want to try to link both, we will have to go to Settings> Bluetooth Devices. Once there, it happens that the PS4 detects the AirPods, but if we want to link them, an error screen will appear.

And it is that, although AirPods are Bluetooth, PS4 is not compatible with audio devices via Bluetooth. Similarly, the sync with PS3 also fails. Since, for no apparent reason, we are asked for a configuration key to link the AirPods. Although these are also recognized by the machine. However, there is a PlayStation console that is compatible with AirPods: the Playstation Vita. The latest model of Sony laptop, although released in 2011, supports Bluetooth audio devices. To link them, just go to Settings> Bluetooth Devices and select our AirPods.

airpods ps4 link error

There are several alternatives to be able to listen to your PS4 through headphones, if what we want is to connect both devices directly. One of them is to connect wired headphones directly to the Dualshock 4 controller. However, this formula rules out the AirPods since the connection is wireless. There would also be the possibility of linking your AirPods via Bluetooth to your television. However, before carrying out this process, you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as the TV models that support native Bluetooth connections. Luckily, the iPhone is going to save us from this process.

Link your AirPods to your PS4 with an iPhone

Although to connect the Airpods directly to our PS4 directly, there is a little trick to play the sound of our PS4 on the AirPods. And yes, there is an iPhone involved. It is about using the PS4 remote play application for iPhone. This application is free in the App Store, and allows you to view the content of the screen of our PS4 on the iPhone. And yes, we will be able to run our games through this system.

To listen to our PS4 through the AirPods, we must configure the link between the PS4 and the app and have the AirPods connected to our iPhone. This way, yes we can “connect” in an indirect way AirPods to PlayStation 4. This app, however, is not compatible with PlayStation 3. So we will only have this function limited to PS4. So if you haven’t tried it yet and you have a PS4, iPhone and AirPods, you can download the app directly from the link we provide.

PS RemotePlay
PS RemotePlay