Can I read my ID with the Mac?

If we want to carry out certain procedures with our computer, it is necessary to have a DNI reader to carry them out. However, the most common is to see that these peripherals work with Windows computers. However, what about Macs? Is it possible to connect an electronic ID reader so that the computer recognizes it? What is needed to be able to do this? In this post we will see how the situation is.

What is needed to be able to read the DNI with the Mac

Although ID card readers are a “plug and play” accessory, we need to have the official software so that the computer is able to recognize and interpret the information on our identity document when carrying out online procedures.

These drivers are not provided by the manufacturer that designed the reader. But it is a official software of the National Police Force which, in Spain, is the official body for issuing this type of document in physical format. But it is also who provides the necessary drivers so that, when we connect our identity card to the Mac, we can connect safely and our personal information arrives safely to the institution with which we are carrying out the operation.

This specific software for DNI is called Cryptographic Module and it is a protocol developed specifically for this type of document, so that the information navigates in a secure environment and identity can be identified. So, the first thing you should know is that there are cryptographic modules for macOS, and they can be downloaded for free directly from the official website of the National Police Force.

Whether you have a Mac with Intel or a Mac with an Apple Silicon processor, this software is available for all of them. Of course, keep in mind that the minimum requirement for this protocol to work is to have the macOS 10 Mojave version installed, and to have a processor whose architecture is 64-bit. Older Mac computers with a 32-bit processor are not compatible with these software.

How to connect an electronic DNI to the Mac

The procedure to connect and read our DNI with the Mac is very simple. Once we have downloaded the necessary driver, it is important to pay attention to the type of connection of our computer. Many electronic ID readers have a USB type A connection, so it will be necessary to use a USB A to USB type C adapter, in the event that our computer only has the reversible port. We can also buy a reader that is USB type C, to be able to connect it directly to the computer port, without the need to use adapters.

mac dni reader

When we have connected the accessory, it will be enough to enter the DNI in the reader when the page of the institution (in which we are carrying out the procedure) asks us for it. Once our information is validated, we can make use of our connected document. This procedure works the same on Mac computers with Intel, and with Apple Silicon. The only difference between the two types is the version of the cryptographic module that we are going to have to install.