Can I request a refund for an iPhone App subscription?

But don't worry, there is a solution, although it will depend on several factors, but in most cases it works, so you will be able to recover your money within a period of about 48 hours. You just have to follow the steps that we will teach below.

Subscription refund in error?

Although many people do not know it, the Apple company itself has a option to claim any transaction made from its store, or within the downloaded applications themselves.

For example, yesterday I subscribed to an application that had very good ratings, however, when doing so I realized that what they offered me was limited in Spain, so I proceeded to claim it.

Likewise, another mistake I had was when subscribing to an app, for which I only wanted 1 week and paid for a year. Apple refunded my money without problems. They take around 48 hours.

However, this does not work for everything. If, for example, you do it in an application of spheres or wallpapers, to be able to download the one you want and then complain, they can cause problems. Its function is not to deceive Apple, but if you subscribe to something that you don't like, it is not what you expected, or you had the wrong type or subscription time, there will be no problem. Your benefits will be taken away and you will get your money back.

The times I have tried it, they have returned it to me without problems, although of course, I always did it when I realized it, after a few minutes. It won't work for an app you bought 2 months ago. Nor have I tried it trying to “cheat” or “benefit” from any product.

Well, if you want to do it, what process do you have to follow? It is very simple. We will only have to access this website, which works from both iPhone and computer, although it is more convenient directly on the phone.

App Store applications

Once inside, log in with our Apple ID and we will see all the subscriptions, purchases and expenses we have made. We will only have to select which one we want to claim, and the reason why. Explain it briefly and click send. 48 hours later we should have an answeralthough we can check the status of the claims from the same page.

Once the request is approved, the time it will take to be reflected in your bank will depend on the payment method, card and other personal options, however, the request will be returned and you will get your money back. If it's 2 euros, sometimes it doesn't matter so much to us, but if we make a mistake and pay an annual subscription of 40, we might be a little more worried about it, especially if we have no intention of taking advantage of it, and it will have been a waste of money.

And you, did you know about this function? Have you ever used it? Tell us about your experience and if they refunded your money.