Can I talk on the phone with Airplane Mode on?

Calling by phone in Airplane Mode: Is it possible?

When we have an iPhone with Airplane Mode turned on, it happens that certain phone networks are disconnected, so that it could not interfere with airplane communications. This implies that, when we start Airplane Mode, the following happens:

  • HE turn off mobile datawithout the possibility that we activate them again with Airplane Mode on
  • We lose access to coverageto the telephone network
  • Can continue using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

What can we use to call with our iPhone, if Airplane Mode is activated? We can use services such as FaceTime, to make video calls and audio calls. We can use messaging applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp, not only to send messages, but also to call through these applications. Of course, we can only use them as long as we are connected to a Wi-Fi network in Airplane Mode. When we activate this option, we just have to go to Settings > Wi-Filet’s look for the network to which we want to connect and, if we are asked for a password, we enter it.

Conventional calls go another way

Although it is possible to call through applications and if we are connected to a Wi-Fi network, we cannot do the same with traditional phone calls. These go through the telephone network, so if we activate Airplane Mode, they will be disabled, unless we make an adjustment that we are going to show you. If we are with Airplane Mode activated, we go to the phone application and we want call someone, the iPhone will show us a message box, indicating that there is no network connection. Then, it will give us two options: we activate Wi-Fi calls, or we deactivate Airplane Mode.

Telephone calls that go through the telephone network are disabled. However, iPhones have the ability to use a Wi-Fi network connection, so that this is their coverage, and thus be able to make and receive calls. As long as our iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, our operator has this option enabled and activate an option, if we do not have the mobile network connection available, we can make calls.

To activate them, we have to go to Settings > Phone > Wi-F callingYo. Here we will see a switch that puts Wi-Fi Calls (this iPhone). You have to know that this option will not be available for all mobile phone operators. If our operator allows us, we can activate this option. But otherwise, you will not be able to make Wi-FI calls.

iphone wifi calls

It is very important that you know that, although the iPhone take a Wi-Fi network as coverage to make calls, it is necessary to have a contracted plan. All the calls we make with our telephone number, whether mobile coverage or Wi-FI coverage, will be part of our voice and data plan. And these will be counted as one more call.

If we have an unlimited calling plan, we are not going to be charged anything additional, since all Wi-Fi calls do is change the coverage system. But if we have a calling plan with a limit, and after that limit we are going to pay more, call with Wi-Fi or data coverage, you will be charged the excess if you have exceeded the limit.