Can I use Apple's Magic Mouse on a Windows PC?

Well, today we are going to see if it is possible and what advantages and disadvantages we can have if we do it. Although I am already telling you what you will be able to do, although you will have to configure certain simple things for it.

Use Magic Mouse on Windows?

Well, yes, it is possible to use this Apple accessory in other operating systems, at least in Windows. Just like we could connect the Magic Keyboard, in case you're wondering and you have the combo.

To do this we do not have to carry out any type of installation different from that of any other mouse, we will only have to go to the Bluetooth section of our PC and wait for it to find it, and then click on it and make it pair.

Yes, for this your PC must have a Bluetooth adapteror bring it natively, otherwise, as with any other wireless accessory, it will not work for us.

Once connected, the mouse will provide the basic functions, like any other, although we can improve it here. To do this, we can touch the features and settings that Windows itself leaves us, or install an external program. There are many, although I use this one, from Magic Utilities, which we will also have for the Magic Keyboard and Magic TrackPad.

Thanks to this type of programs we will be able to adapt the experience a little more realistically to what we would have on a Mac, offering us all kinds of options to modify the sensitivity, speed and other parameters available in this mouse.

However, Acquiring a Magic Mouse for a Windows computer is not the best option. It would only be an alternative if we have to use a second PC or if we already had the mouse from before. But buying it for a computer with a system other than MacOS is wasting money, there are many options that are as good or better for that price.

In summary, yes, you can use the Apple mouse on any computer that accepts a Bluetooth connection, and you will be able to modify many parameters and settings both from the system itself and with external third-party applications, although you will never have the same experience as on a Mac, so if you can, try to make everything ecosystem is of the same brand.

And you, do you have this Apple mouse? Have you ever thought about using it on another computer because of how comfortable it is? The truth is that for my part I am delighted, it seems too simple and functional to me, and it would be difficult for me to adapt to another. Although I said that it would not be a good option, and there are better ones for Windows, it is likely that I would still use it on it. Of course, if you don't have it, prepare your wallet, like any Apple product, it's not something that's worth exactly 15 euros. Although it is worth it, yes.