Can the iPhone get wet in salt water?

The iPhone, from the iPhone 7, incorporate some type of water resistance. Whenever we talk about getting an iPhone wet, we do it in the context of fresh water and a shallow depth, so as not to endanger the device itself. But can an iPhone get wet in salt water? What can happen if andcome into contact with seawater? In this post we explain the situation.

The water resistance of the iPhone does not make it invincible

The water resistance of the iPhone does not make our phone waterproof. Rather, it is a layer of protection that gives us reliability that the phone will not be damaged if it comes into contact with water or liquids. In addition, it must be taken into account that this resistance is not permanent. Over the years and normal use of the device, this protection will diminish. To all this we must add the fact that Apple itself does not cover water or liquid damage in its warranty.

Water is the number one enemy of all electronic products. If it comes into contact with circuits and sensitive parts, it ends up causing short circuits and corroding the materials. That is why it is very important that a waterproof phone is in good physical condition for the protection to be effective. If our iPhone gets wet because we have spilled water on it, we have been splashed with water, or in any other situation that is not too extreme, this will not cause severe damage that can affect it.

But one thing is fresh water, and the other is sea water. If fresh water is internally corrosive, seawater has even greater corrosive power. And if salt water gets into the holes of the iPhone or the Lightning port, then problems can already appear here, no matter how waterproof our phone is. Dipping the iPhone in salt water is not a good deal. The salinity of the water makes it much more corrosive. AND If we don’t clear the whole iPhone very wellcausing salt water droplets to remain in holes, then corrosion can start long before the physical protection barrier is breached.

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It may be the case that our iPhone comes into contact with salt water. As long as it is something fortuitous and not a rule, if our phone is in good condition, nothing has to happen if we act quickly. What you should do, yes or yes, before drying the phone is to soak it in fresh water. You’re probably thinking: dunk an iPhone to prevent water damage? Although it seems somewhat illogical, fresh water will remove salt from sea water. So that when our phone dries completely, we do not have salt crystallizations in the speakers, between the buttons or in the Lightning port. This way we will prevent external parts of the phone from starting to corrode, and we will avoid scares in the future.