Can the Touch Bar return to Macs?

The Touch Bar was one of Apple’s big bets to change the way we work with our Mac, however, after several years on the market and endless problems with the butterfly keyboard that computers with the aforementioned technology had, Apple decided to remove it from the market, but, Is it possible to return to the Mac?.

What was the Touch Bar?

The Touch Bar was introduced for the first time on the 2016 MacBook Pros, and which, from a technical point of view, was a OLED touch screen slim strip that replaces the function keys on the keyboard, as well as offering contextual controls that change depending on the application that is currently being used.

Once we know what the Touch Bar is, we return to the question that we asked ourselves at the beginning of this article: Could the Touch Bar return to Macs in the same way that charging ports and increased connections have returned? The short answer is: yes, it is possible. Let’s dig into this answer below:

Still has a lot of room for improvement

Apple, since the launches of Apple Silicon, has completely changed the way we work with Macs. Previously, the development ceiling for Macs was determined by Intel. Now, Apple owns its own way, developing its Macs with the timing that produce the hardware and software. The Touch Bar appeared at a bad time, since the computers carried the Intel chip, which greatly heated the equipment and the butterfly keyboard was a headache for Apple. Now with youn improved designa keyboard system that works perfectly and the learning from past mistakesIt can be a very interesting option.

In the same way that Apple has been getting more and more support to adapt its applications to Apple Silicon, the Touch Bar, with a rethinking and improvements in the way of working, empowering itself with macOS and Silicon, can overcome its limitations and improve its features. functionalities.

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence, Shortcuts, deeper integration with applications and greater customization capacity. Also, if it included improvements such as haptic feedback or a higher resolution, it could be the touch Bar the definitive consecration that Macs are back on the cusp of technology and development.

What seems clear is that, in the event that the Touch Bar returns, it will not be on all MacBook modelsbut in those higher-end models, such as the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the possible 15-inch MacBook Air and, perhaps, necessary, adding it to the new Apple keyboards for Mac Studio.

macbook and touchbar

By way of conclusion, it seems clear that there are more than enough reasons to see the Touch Bar again on Macs despite the “failure” attributed to it in its previous launch. However, only time will tell if we will see a tool that amazed its users again, but No he could extract the maximum potential.